I’m not going to sugar coat it, yes, I’m avoiding EQ2 at the moment. The latest game update has me so incredibly discouraged that instead of logging in I’ve been finding other things to do – oh, except I can’t actually log in because my guild hall is one of many affected by a bug that prevents anyone from entering / loading the hall. I already petitioned once to free my characters and then was met by the bug a second time later on in the weekend. Even if I wanted to play, I wouldn’t be able to. I’m hoping that with today’s patch more things get fixed, and as my sadness with GU61 dies down I’ll find the desire to play. In the mean time – Rift!

Yesterday I took the day to meander around and work on little odds and ends that had been collecting in my quest journal. I finished off the major chain in IPP, and then farmed Rifts for dragon tears and guild quest updates (as well as planarite, I’m trying to save up 25k). I did my daily PvP quests, DRR, daily crafting quests, daily IPP quests, and daily dragon tear quests. I purchased the rest of my PvP gear (the stuff I can wear at least, I’m only rank 2 so far) and I’m sporting a little over 400 valor although that doesn’t seem to stop players from killing me almost instantly in some cases. I spent the majority of my evening helping out with PvP Rifts in IPP, which was a lot of fun (despite the deaths). I also saved up enough dragon tears to purchase Gil, a cute little frog-like creature. I’m working on leveling up my mount and have another 15 levels to go which is not so bad.

I’m sad to see the half birthday event come to a close, it’s been nice to get bonus plaques while doing dungeons and the extra favor and other rewards sure have been nice. I didn’t get my mage to 30, but 27 is still a nice comfortable level for an alt. I hope everyone else had a great weekend, no matter where you spent it.

Happy gaming!

2 thoughts on “A Day of Dailies”
  1. I have the same feelings about EQ2 right now. I haven’t yet ventured into Rift (afraid of what it means to start a 3rd MMO..), but have spent yesterday and today poking around my little WoW toon.

    I just wrote out a nice long e-mail about how much SOE has frustrated me this last week with their poor handling of GU61, and am now feeling a little better having unleashed my emotions. Hopefully they get stuff sorted out soon.

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