Half Birthday Bonuses Extended!

UPDATE 8/30: We know many of you have been weathering out the storm on the east coast – so we’re keeping the subscriber bonuses turned on an extra week, you now have until September 6th to enjoy all the bonuses to XP, Guild XP, Favor, Prestige, Planarite, and dugeon & raid currencies. Have fun!

Another indication that you’ll never be able to satisfy everyone in any game, ever. There are a few posts on the birthday celebration thread complaining about the bonus that Trion has set out for players because experience (and rewards) are a bit too much for them. These players feel that the game is being made too easy, and I can see where they’re coming from as there’s no way to reduce your experience gain (a-la EQ2 for example, with the ability to turn off quest and leveling experience). On that same subject I really think it was nice of Trion to extend these bonuses for those who have been without power due to hurricane Irene these past few days, allowing them the chance to partake. Personally? I’m excited, I wanted to get my mage a few more levels (30 would be grand) and I’m having fun earning guild experience and doing rifts where the planarite is more then I’ve ever seen before. Does it diminish how difficult the game is? Not for me personally. It’s not making dungeons any easier, and while it is nice to be getting bonus plaques on a steady basis from raids (and dungeons) I can earn them with my guild bonus to begin with (which incidentally does not stack with the birthday celebrations) so I don’t personally feel that it’s too over powered. The only instance where I feel it MIGHT be a bit too much is in PvP – but then there’s a large patch coming to change PvP gear to be less relevant to PvE which I’m all for. I don’t think players should be able to grind to rank 8 in PvP and use that gear to raid in PvE (sorry guys).

I finished off a guild quest yesterday and it boosted us half way through level 10 which I was happy to see. Today quests re-set and I’m hoping we get an easy one (guild consists of three members) and I’m looking forward to doing my crafting weeklies as well as (queue the music) obtaining my dragon tear mount – today I should be able to level it to 50! Finally. Excited? Yes, yes I am.

I hope everyone else is having a wonderful week, no matter where you find yourself. Happy gaming!

2 thoughts on “Rift Extends Their Half-Birthday Celebration #RiftGame”
  1. People have been asking for a way to turn off xp in Rift since beta. I was one of them.

    I’m not even sure I’d use such a facility if it existed, but I believe it’s an option all MMOs should offer. By all means force xp to switch back on in PvP, because overpowered level-locked twinks can be a genuine problem, but if someone wants to pay their sub and be level 32 in PvE for three years it’s really no skin off anyone else’s nose.

    That said, I’m currently trying to get to 50th on my Warrior and I want to raise my mage’s PvP rank, so WOOT!

  2. Oh fun! My internet was down last night so I didn’t get to play, but now that my warrior’s 50, I’m planning to work on my rogue. The bonus xp will help.

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