Foul Cascade – it’s nice every once in a while to take a break from the mindless slaughter of evil denizens and look up to the sky. This was the sight that greeted me in the Scarlet Gorge instance and I have to say I was quite impressed with what I saw. It’s amazing the little details that go into this game and every day no matter how many times I’ve been to a zone before I can still spot something that makes me go ‘ohh’ when I look at it.

Yesterday was the day. The day my dragon tear mount FINALLY hit level 50 and morphed into a useable mount instead of just the swirling orb that I’ve had in my inventory for the past few weeks. I farmed dragon tears as much as I could as well as doing my weekly quest (you need to level it 49 times, and are granted 8 levels via quest a week with a random chance for a level item to drop from dragon motes and rifts) – I was expecting some sort of awesome achievement for completing this task but alas, there was none. Still, the mount is cute looking and fits in well with the others of my collection.

Yesterday guild quests and weekly crafting quests re-set, so I spent a fair amount of time working on that. I didn’t earn any plaques (boo) but I did partake in a few crafting rifts over in Shimmersand. There’s one Guardian guild (Wildfire) who always seem to be there working on Rifts, which is nice to see.

My mage finally reached level 30 – only another 20 levels to go. I’ve been leveling her through dungeons alone while bonus experience for kills has been in affect, so I haven’t leveled her via the same quest grind that I did the first time to 50 with the cleric. I worked on my warrior a tad last night as well, and made it out of the starter tutorial. Level 8, and I’ve probably died on that character more then any of my other characters did. I also noticed how incredibly empty the starter zones are now.

I hope everyone has an amazing September 1st, no matter where you find yourself! Happy gaming.


2 thoughts on “Leveling the Alts and Quiet Days #RiftGame”
  1. Could be a faction thing, I play Defiant on all 4 of my characters and have noticed a heavy population of Guardians.

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