As always I bounce between games, and my adventures have taken me over to World of Warcraft this time. Things are a little different then last time I played back in April with both developers and players preparing for the release of 4.3 (slated for November, I believe). My priest had been 85 for some time, but of course (as with all of the games I play) I have a handful of alts. The warlock was closest at level 84 and I decided I should probably try to reach 85 sooner or later. Preferably sooner. I queued for some dungeons and at 84 it took a bit to get in as dps, but as soon as I hit 85 the queues went much faster. Not only that but the dungeon runs themselves went MUCH smoother then I ever remember them going when I was doing them previously. Out of the 8 runs I did I only recall one wipe, and there were no rude comments from anyone. Weird!

The warlock doesn’t have enough of a score yet to do heroics, but the priest does. I noticed that justice point purchased boots and wrist pieces are now BoE instead of BoP, allowing players to purchase and sell them on the broker or AH. I also started the new chain of quests that introduces the Firelands, and received a very nice cloak that was a huge upgrade for the warlock. I don’t really know too much about this place, but the lore seemed pretty neat (and mushy, aw, Horde love).

My other alts include:

  • 78 dwarf shaman
  • 63 human paladin
  • 10 gnome rogue

I had both a druid and a warrior around the 40s but I decided to delete them (no real reason, it’s just something I do to ‘clean up’ and will probably remake one day. You can find me on as if you’d like to add me, I play alliance on the Argent Dawn server. I can’t say how long I’ll play (especially since I’m still playing Rift too) but for now the change is relaxing.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!


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