Ah, Molten Core. I had never been to this raid zone before despite the fact that I’ve played WoW since release. I’ve never raided. It’s not that I’ve never WANTED to raid, but that I have never found a ‘home’ to belong to in game which makes raiding hard. Toargo and I decided to head to the zone ourselves (him playing warrior and me on the priest) to see if we couldn’t collect some appearance gear for 4.3. The zone was fun, and I had a good time figuring out how difficult it must have been back when the zone was still fresh to players.

My warlock is one of my favorite characters, but I don’t often play her because I’d rather be ‘useful’ (ie: healing). That changed slightly yesterday as I worked on gearing her up enough to finally be let into heroics. I was still sporting a few green pieces of gear, and needed 3 more points to my ilevel in order to queue. Two ‘regular’ dungeon queues later finally saw me with an upgrade, and I was able to get into heroics. Torago (trusty tank) set us going, and we ended up in Heroic: Blackrock Caverns which I had not been to even on regular mode for quite some time.

The group started out well enough, but we had a paladin dps that wasn’t quite ‘on the ball’. During the encounter that requires players to stand in front of three lasers until you get a stack of about 80 debuffs on you and then you move out, he didn’t move out, and thus we got an add, and then just as we were taking care of things in the middle of battle the priest left the group. Classy.

So another healer joined, this one a paladin, and I stood in the center beam instead of the paladin and we defeated it flawlessly. The rest of the zone went by without incident, and I picked up a new wand. I was a little discouraged by how few valor points you receive for completing a heroic, but I reminded myself that a lot of these players have done the zones hundreds of times, and probably had stores of justice and valor points just waiting to be used. Ah well. I’ll get there eventually.

My warlock is also my engineer, and I finally hit 540 (gnome racial bonus) in the skill. Now I’m saving up for recipes I don’t have, and my mining is 525, so I’m working on the smaller skills like cooking and archeology. I find them fun, if nothing more then busy work.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, no matter where they found themselves. Happy gaming!

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