Honored veterans

Starting with update 1.5, being a veteran Ascended means honor, respect, and awesome rewards for subscribing to RIFT. Earn a full Guardian or Defiant guard uniform for your wardrobe, a personal vendor, an on-the-go mailbox, and more!

Your well-earned rewards

Every time you reach a reward milestone, you unlock another reward.

18 months includes Tricorne of the Drowned Thief / Endless Skull Helm – and a mobile mailbox to send and receive your important parcels anywhere. I find it a little odd that the rewards do NOT include any potions – but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s just not what I expected. On the plus side, I’m looking forward to the 6 month reward. Having a personal vendor to summon is always handy!

What are your thoughts on these veteran rewards?

6 thoughts on “Rift Announces Their Veteran Rewards #RiftGame”
  1. On my cleric I carry 2 additional gear sets in addition to what I’m wearing, I harvest/gather every node I see, I have all that quest stuff and currecny that doesn’t go in the tab, and often have at least 20 slots taken up by shinies/artifacts as well. Last week, even with 20 slot bags, I was down to only having 8 slots available for loot, so I know where you’re coming from, and yes, I would make very heavy use of a portable vendor (so long as there isn’t some unreasonable cooldown on it, anyway).

    But with that said, I was questing a 30 second run unmounted from a hub, so going back to clear out bags wasn’t a big deal. Big enough that I eventually recalled to Sanctum, sent all the harvests to my crafting alts that use them, put 44 artifacts on the auction house, and mostly filled my bank and suddenly have about 70 slots free again and thus won’t need to worry about it for a while either. . . . . And that’s the 1st time it’s happened to me since I started this character and was largely due to the fact that I had been lazy and not put the shinies on the AH like I’d planned, but ran off to go questing with full bags instead.

    Yes, it’ll be a nice convenience (assuming no insanely long cooldown), but it won’t be a big deal to me.

  2. Yep, if you’re a crafter, gatherer and collector among other things, the lack of inventory space was abysmal. Even with the 22/24 slot bags (I think that was the largest ones I had at the time I quit).

  3. I bet to differ, especially if you’re a crafter. My bags are always filled with various sets of gear that I don’t want to store in the bank, currency that doesn’t go in the currency tab, potions, food, drink, etc. Having a vendor to sell to on the fly will be nice, especially since I don’t often travel near hubs. :)

  4. Nah, there are always vendors at every quest hub. Running back to unload gray loot is just a timesink that will be eliminated. Of course, if you’ve got all Spellspun or larger bags, this is rarely an issue anyway.

  5. Personal vendor!? Does that mean I can be out in the middle of nowhere with my bags full of junk and I can summon this guy and sell to him and continue my adventure?

    I like that idea. Though I’m sure someone will point out how it means towns will become less populated or something…

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