I started doing the chains that would open up the Fireland zones, and I found the stories pretty interesting. Saved Thrall from (technically) himself, captured by a bunch of elements and then started helping druids. One thing I don’t quite understand is that you need 150 world tree (I may have the name wrong) tokens to complete the next two quests and you can only obtain 14 of these tokens a day (or at least, I can) through repeatable quests. That makes for a lot of daily grinding. I can appreciate WoWs method of getting players to log in every day via daily quests, but shesh.

I’ve discovered my favorite heroic dungeon so far – Deadmines. Even though it took us a long time to complete the dungeon I thought it was really well done and a LOT of fun. The dream sequence at the end where you run through the dungeon a second time was neat and required players to pay attention (and most didn’t, especially the obstacle course portion, everyone died except me and the tank). Having to swing away from the boat as bombs were planted was also a lot of fun – although the shaman in my group apparently didn’t think so because he fell to the ground below twice, and then complained about how annoying the dungeon was. I won a new caster dps staff and a ring, and earned enough justice points to purchase a second ring.

I spent the beginning portion of my day running through the Brewfest dungeon (over and over and over) in order to get the trinkets for this year, which were a huge upgrade over what I was sporting before. I eventually managed to find myself with both the healer and caster dps ones, which boosted my ilevel up enough to be able to queue for the two newer heroic dungeons. No mount yet, and knowing my luck I won’t get one, either. I’ve tried for the last few years to win one without any sign of it. My warlock managed to win the halloween mount, but that’s the only one I’ve seen so far.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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