My guild in WoW has two active members, with three other inactive members. I’ve always preferred smaller guilds but in WoW this comes at a significant disadvantage because we are unable to complete any guild quests for experience. Thus the majority of our “leveling” comes from our own quest grinding – which does have us at almost level 2. Woohoo. I wish there were smaller quests for those of us smaller guilds to complete, or that my guild had just one more member so we could run dungeons at least all together. I don’t see either of those happening any time soon, and so I’ve been working on quests in order to progress us.

The latest rounds have taken me back to Twilight Highlands where I got to watch a very pretty cinematic involving dragons. You can’t go wrong with dragons.

Aside from that things are quiet on the game front. I’m waiting for 4.3 in WoW, and I’m waiting for the next big patch for Rift that will add planar attunement (also known as giving level 50’s something to do). You can read more about it on the Rift site.

Planar Attunement

Beyond level 50

Your Ascended can already commune with the mightiest souls ever to walk Telara. Now, Planar Attunement puts the primal energy of the planes at your fingertips!

Beyond ultimate power

Upon achieving level 50 and completing the Chronicle of Attunement, all XP earned (from kills, dungeons, raids, quests, Chronicles, zone invasions, anything!) counts toward your next Planar Attunement level. Each level grants you 100 Attunement Points to spend in one of the six planes.

Each plane offers a grid of bonuses (listed below) that you can access after purchasing its core power (central hex). Every bonus you unlock opens its adjacent hexes for purchase. Buy multiple ranks of the same bonus, or branch off into other powers and benefits, customizing your character as you attune to the planes. Specialize in one element, generalize across a few, or earn them all—the choice is yours!

Endless possibilities

Planar Attunement lets you:

  • Improve your most important stats.
  • Master your weapons and cast more potent spells.
  • Maximize your effectiveness against the planes and their denizens, making their strength your own.
  • Open rifts to planes of your choosing, influencing how the dynamic war for Telara will unfold!
  • Ride faster, reduce falling damage, and much more!

The Ascended alone can harness the power of the planes. Level 50 is only the beginning…

I’m interested to see how much busy-work it gives those at max level, and how long it takes for the first person to achieve whatever the cap will be set at. As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

One thought on “Lazy Questing Days And Planar Attunement #WoW #RiftGame”
  1. Looking forward to the AA’s. Or I guess PA’s. Hopefully the Attunement Chronicle won’t be too rough a quest series. And hopefully there won’t be too much in the way of cookie cutter “this is the best way to spend your PA points” but this will actually allow for some meaningful customization of your character.

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