Glitch is a browser based side scrolling game released by Tiny Spec, and there’s a lot of my fellow gamers playing it these days – but even more surprising to me is the number of times I’ve heard “I just don’t get it” repeated over the course of the weekend. To help with this confusion, I decided to post my thoughts and opinions on this gem of a game. To start things off, Glitch is a sandbox game, much like EVE. It has real-time skill training, so that you can train while in game and out. Most of the ‘fun’ of the game is what you decide to make it. Sure, there are some little mini quests you can do to pass the time away, but if that’s all you’re doing you’ll quickly find yourself bored. If you’re an explorer who enjoys a more non-combat related line of gaming, this may be a game you’ll want to check out.

I spent the first few days in game simply exploring around. I teamed up with a friend (yes, you can group) and we explored together, I unlocked a stalker badge for being on auto follow through zones while I took care of some RL things. Auto follow works better in glitch then I’ve seen in any other game I’ve ever played. It works across zones and you even mimic jumping. I bought a house – one note, if you’re looking for how to get your papers, go to I haven’t planted anything yet, I haven’t had time but I imagine I’ll get to it eventually.

I’ve been working down the animal related line. This morning I hogtied my first pig and then released him in a different zone. I used a random chicken to incubate an egg that hatched into a piglet which I’ve named and carry around in my bags. I plan on releasing him into my house once I’m able to confirm that he won’t leave. I think I need a few more skills for that. Trees can drop actual paper that players can write notes on, so I’ve been working on my inking skills so that I can leave random stories and poems through zones I visit for other players to read. I found one such person doing this over the weekend, dropping food and other components on the ground for new players to pick up.

I can name the wildlife that I come across which I think is awesome although it also lends itself to some pretty vulgar comments by others. The same can be said for the message board that each person can find on the main floor of their apartment buildings. I saw ‘love’ notices posted in mine. It’s not a game for children, in other words.
So how do you ‘get’ Glitch? You make the fun up yourself. Use the tools they provide to you and run out in the world doing whatever it is you want to do. You can find me playing as stargrace, milking butterflies (I don’t need to use lotion any more!) squeezing chickens, and nibbling pigs. Ah, that’s the life. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


3 thoughts on ““Getting” Glitch”
  1. I “got” Glitch on my first play session. I just didn’t like it.

    Toilet humor just doesn’t do it for me, not even when it’s democratically devolved to players as well as being written into the design.

  2. It’s fascinating to read the various reactions to Glitch across the blogosphere – I don’t think I’ve seen a game with quite as love it or hate it response since EVE.

    What sort of activites are actually out there, though? Clearly the animal-related stuff will appeal to animal lovers – what other sorts of experience is the game likely to be able to offer?

    (BTW – I’ve featured this post on the MMO Melting Pot as part of our Glitch roundup.)

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