I’ve spent the last week or so getting involved in the PvP (via warfronts) aspect of WoW and I have to say if you’re looking for a way to develop a thicker skin in your gaming, PvP is the way to do it. You’d never know that it’s the opposing team you’re supposed to be fighting if you listen to any of the comments in the battleground channel. The only time people are not screaming about how much the whole team sucks is when you’re winning – which for me, especially lately, has been rare. I own a few pieces of season 10 pvp gear now, and while I’m certainly not the best and I have lots to learn I can also hold my own in a lot of situations. I’m a few honor short of earning my 7.2k for the season which is something unheard of for me. I’ve set a goal of 1k honor a day, but I’m sure it’s quite easy for people to earn far more then that if they so choose. Why anyone would want to subject themselves to that mental abuse for longer then required I have no idea.

I converted my honor to justice last night and purchased some PvE gear because I dislike being one of “those” people who boost their ilevel via pvp gear. I queued for a few dungeons starting with heroics and ending with one of the newer dungeons but neither of them ended up well, and the groups ended up leaving frustrated and upset. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just easier if I heal in heroics (since I queue with a tank) instead of leaving it up to a PUG. Of course that doesn’t guarantee a smooth run, dps still has to do above a certain number in order to succeed, and stay out of crap that spawns on the ground (WHY do people never do this?!) and move out of the way during particular events. I always talk about how easy I find these type of encounters, and I don’t understand why others find it so hard. Despite those types of issues I rarely if ever vote someone out of a group – I vote out for poor attitudes but not for poor game play. If someone is swearing and being rude and obnoxious it’s much easier for me to leave a group rather then if they’re simply bad. After all it’s supposed to be a game, and games are supposed to be fun. Like online bingo.

Why am I playing a game that seems to have such a bad reputation for community? Despite all of this and the lack of ‘family’ I’ve found in the game, I’m still having fun. I still find a lot to do in game and lots to keep me busy. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for punishment. Either way.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


One thought on “It’s the PewPew Lrn2ply Sort of Life #WoW”
  1. I’m not a fan of “don’t stand in the fire” fights. Most are okay, but every now and then the devs forget that not everyone lives in North America. Those in other regions don’t have the luxury of sub-100ms ping, and the latency makes it much harder.

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