Age of Discovery released yesterday after a late start, and while there were some issues for people, my account was standing and all characters counted for. Nothing was locked (I have a gold membership) and I had access to my regular characters as well as my EQ2X characters. I promptly created a ratonga beastlord and she meandered her way to level 10 by killing solo mobs in Halas, the starter zone was nice an empty as players moved on to ‘better’ leveling grounds. Veteran rewards were broken for the day but I do have a 200% bonus from max level characters which helped out a huge amount.

The new Freeport is looking pretty nice. I don’t find it too confusing because it’s basically all of the Freeport sections combined into one zone. The items in South Freeport are still there in the southern portion, the places in North Freeport in the northern section. I did have a bit of difficulty trying to find the mercenary NPC’s to hire, I think sony could have done a better job with explaining where to find each one. As it was I had to use a guide that ZAM created in order to learn how they work and the commands to even open the mercenary screen. If you use a guard to search for ‘mercenary’ you end up with some NPC up in the citadel tower, and not the hired ones you’re looking for.

I didn’t play with the dungeon creator tool yet, and I still don’t see all that much for level 90 characters to do in game aside from work on the extra 20 aa that were granted. I started working with a tradeskill apprentice, but was called away so that will have to wait until another post.

I love the fact that the game is now free to play, and I really hope that brings fresh blood to the game. Did you purchase AoD? If so how are you finding the new content? What have you spent your time in game working on? Let me know in comments!


4 thoughts on “The Age of Discovering a New Freeport #EQ2 #EverQuestII”
  1. I managed to get logged in under free to play. Couldn’t do anything because of all the restrictions, other than call to home and poke through the new economic model. Clearly existing players will want to subscribe, so that’s not me at the moment.

  2. I tried to log in, but the new launcher didn’t seem to give me that option anywhere that I could find, and I didn’t care enough to monkey with it. The things that looked like they should work would instead open up the webpage, not actually launch the game. It was quite weird.

  3. I logged in briefly, but all my characters on AB were locked for not owning the appropriate race packs. It was very weird. My EQ2X characters were all available, and two of them are copies of my 90s on AB. The EQ2X versions weren’t locked, but their AB counterparts were. I figured I’d give SOE a couple of days to sort things out before stressing about it. I’m looking forward to checking out the Freeport revamp and the beastlord stuff! I remember giving up on EQ2 the very first time I tried it years ago, because I got frustrated with the quests to go from the docks into the rest of Freeport.

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