While I’ve been wishing that people would simply be nicer to one another, some others have gone a different rout. I’ve been doing the new twilight dungeons quite a bit (for both gear upgrades and valor points) and have come across some folks that I think could use a little Christmas cheer.

Player 1: “Wow DPS sucks.” – a few things to note here. Number one, not a single thing went wrong with this group. We killed everything, there were no deaths, in fact the entire run was as close to perfect as I’ve ever seen. If there was DPS lacking I certainly didn’t see it. The person making the comments threw out a number of snide remarks while the rest of the group said nothing at all (well, O.K. that’s not true, I did mention that if they found the DPS lacking they could leave. Remember folks, it doesn’t matter what role you play in a group, you ARE replaceable).

Player 2: “Look at all my cool stuff I am the awesomesauce” – Do you REALLY need to link every piece of your gear into chat before we’ve even started the dungeon? Is this supposed to make me think that you are amazing? A better sign would be to move out of the gosh darned fire that spreads on the ground instead of dying.

Player 3: “LULZ TANK FAIL” – This actually comes from one of the Dragon Soul raids. They’ve been a great test in my patience and my skill of selective reading. The first four raids go incredibly well, there’s not really a lot to them. The next four raids I have had little to no luck with so far. People are either incredibly impatient and start the encounter before half the raid has arrived on the scene, or they decide explanations are not required for new players. Or something else happens like they ‘forget’ that the entire encounter is based on clicking on a single button in the center of your screen when the mob casts twilight. Whatever the case, the blame is NEVER theirs, and ALWAYS someone else’.

There are a few other types of players that I think could use a little Christmas cheer this year, hopefully I get my wish. If not, that’s what selective reading is for. I rarely ever let someones comment in game get to me, I can always change it to something pleasant in my mind.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

One thought on “Christmas Cheer #WoW”
  1. I wish I had your talent for selective reading! I’m ridiculously thin-skinned. The last straw for me with WoW (and pugs) was when a hunter went off on me for being a crappy healer in Halls of Reflection, when in reality, his tank buddy couldn’t keep aggro and I died in one of the early waves. He absolutely raged at me, and I dropped group before I even zoned back into the instance. I think I need to practice changing comments to something positive!

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