I have to admit, I’m feeling pretty left out. See, a lot of my good gaming friends are playing SW:TOR as we speak, reserving their character names and making their claim to servers and guilds while I sit here writing this blog post, looking at my usual ‘GoC’ (game of choice) wondering “Why didn’t I pre-order?!” and then remembering that I really just don’t enjoy science fiction, and I don’t know anything at all about Star Wars (or Star Trek). It has taken ALL of my willpower not to give in and blow $60 on a game that I know from the get-go doesn’t interest me, because guess what, my friends are fantastic at sharing their excitement for all things shiny and new. I think the fact that they’re making me so excited about a game that I know doesn’t actually interest me at its core is amazing.

So as I browse through my twitter stream, my RSS, and my G+ feed, I hope you all have an amazing time and keep that excitement spilling over to us non-players! I really hope the game has an incredibly long life span, and I hope the guilds that I see forming up last longer than the ones that I saw in Rift (no offense to Rift, great game, but didn’t have the staying power we all wished was there). I’m looking forward to reading numerous blog posts about the early access, and I hope the official launch on the 20th goes as smooth as everyone wants it to. Just because I’m not playing it, doesn’t mean I want it to fail! Keep the excitement coming, folks!

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

9 thoughts on “So Very Excited About A Game I Won’t Be Playing #SWTOR”
  1. I pre-ordered, but not until October, so I won’t be getting into the Early Access any time soon. I’ll play SWTOR like I play any Bioware game, for the story. Once I level through the stories and get it out of my system, I’ll be done. I don’t see it being a long term commitment, since there’s not much else there. I’m enjoying my time in EQ2 a lot right now, leveling my trouby with the help of a guardian merc, and taking my 90s through the DoV zones that I haven’t done yet. I’ll probably continue to bounce through my old standbys of EQ2, LOTRO and Rift, with a brief month or so in SWTOR.

  2. You know, I should really ask you for the username/servername combination type deal so we can chat in EQ2 even on different servers. :D

    I keep forgetting to do that.

    Anyway, I have another 10 days before SWTOR is made available here in the Philippines through our local game store, so I’ll make the most of it in EQ2! Then I’ll always have EQ2 to go back to. :D

  3. You’re not alone. I’m not playing it either.
    Not that I don’t like Star Wars, I do like the original trilogy, but I saw the beta and wasn’t impressed, didn’t like it at all.
    Not my cup of tea.

  4. I won’t be playing SW:ToR either. Not this year. Probably not next year. Maybe one day, if I hit an MMO slump and I’m scratching around for something I haven’t tried yet.

    Rift, on the other hand, I played only yesterday. Chances are I will take another 6-month sub when my current one runs out next year. Even though I don’t play every day, I’m still getting good value.

  5. Diff’rent stroke, I guess. I never could get into WoW. EQ2 had plenty of staying power for me, but I recently tried going back and felt like it’d “lost it” for me. Rift is still my game of choice (and has been since pre-launch) so I feel like it’s got plenty of “staying power.” Though ask me again in 5 years and I can give an apples to apples comparison to EQ2 then :-P

    I got my names reserved this morning in SWTOR. I’ve enjoyed the beta time I’ve had, but TBH I don’t expect TOR to have any staying power beyond the stories, so after I’ve alt’d my way through all 8 of them, I’ll probably be done with it. But it could surprise me. Time will tell, but for now, I think I’ll play SWTOR up to that point, then either go back to Rift or maybe some other new shiny will be out by then that I’ll move on to.

  6. I’m a huge star wars fan and I’m not playing it due to my country being excluded from the launch. If guess if I want to play it, I’ll have to eventually wait until EA thinks Singapore is good enough for it, or buy a key off those questionable looking third party sites.

  7. I hate bioware (despise them might be better), and really not a fan of Star Wars or its lore. But i had a very good time in my limited beta stuff. The game is worth 60 bucks on its own, add in all the friends that will be around it makes it even better. Will it hold my interest long term? thats something i cant answer yet. but for now im gonna enjoy this moment (if it ever comes lols) and not worry about end game, raid, or other such stuff. I spent the last month back in Rift and know that i will always have it if this SW thing doesnt pan out.

  8. Still playing Rift since pre-launch. Guild has grown 3x it’s size from merging all those whose guilds had people leaving for SWToR. We will be here for a long time, as the game is more interesting than most other MMO’s on the market.

    People just enjoy different games. SWToR does not interest us “older” folk in our guild.


  9. Join the club. I’m not a big Star Wars or even a Bioware fan, so the decision was a pretty easy one to make. Getting into a couple of Beta weekend events didn’t change my mind either. Good thing I got plenty of gaming to keep me busy until the MMO’s that I am looking forward to (namely GW2 and Secret World) come out. I do plan on picking up SWTOR eventually when it goes on sale on Steam (providing EA and Origin allows this to happen).

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