My first attempt at a player made dungeon didn’t go that well. Sure it was fun, but I found it VERY difficult to solo and it threw me off the system completely. Last night I decided to give it another go, this time teaming up with Ibeogur from guild (who I dragged back into game specifically for this experiment). The dungeon went MUCH better, in fact it was just too easy for the two of us. The design was amazing though (the dungeon layout was Chardok) and I still had a lot of fun. I also ended up with roughly the same number of dungeon marks as I did in the first dungeon I attempted.

What I’m confused about is whether there is any other loot in these dungeons aside from the dungeon marks. From what I hear on channels some people actually get dungeon creation components to drop, but I’ve never seen anything like that. Is it only particular types of encounters that will have a chance for these drops? Am I missing something? Must you be in a 5 person group in order for this to happen?

Also, can players of any level team up to complete these together? What I’m wondering is if I can join lower level channels and see if anyone is looking for people to complete these dungeons with, and team up to do them. Obviously I’ve been away from game a bit, so I’m rusty on the mechanics. I was pleased to see the defiler spell that fills your inventory with crystallized essences has been fixed since my last run.

Before heading off to the dungeons Ibeogur and I went to Protector’s Realm and duo’d it (once again) for pocket change. I brought along a bard mercenary just to see how they were in combat, and was quite impressed. Since I play a defiler and Ibeogur plays a berzerker this was a perfect combination group for us. We each ended up with 50-70 plat, and a lot of items to transmute.

My bestlord is still only level 10, but I’m thinking of leveling her up. I have a steady 200% bonus to experience due to max level characters, which is nice, it’s like having vitality running constantly even when it has run out. I also have my ranger still comfortably sitting at level 35, she’s locked to that level while I obtain AA for her. I think I’d like to get her a nice set of gear, at the moment she’s not wearing anything special.

I’m also wondering how you get the new components found to craft the items on the new crafting apprentices. I know a quick google search will answer that for me, I just haven’t gotten around to it. I logged into WoW briefly to complete some Darkmoon Faire quests, and I managed a few achievements for cooking and fishing (finishing up the Ironforge series, finally). I also briefly logged in to SWTOR, but wasn’t really interested in playing, so I logged out.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

3 thoughts on “Player-made Dungeons, Round Two #EQ2 #EverQuestII”
  1. Dungeon marks can be cashed in for Dungeon Maker items to help you design your own dungeon, or to buy items that can equip your character for regular adventuring.
    The adventuring items are not top tier, but they (about) the same as some legendary items for their tier.
    Regular MOBS which you kill while adventuring have a chance to drop a spawner which you can place in your own dungeon. There are dozens of different spawners and most spawners (Snow Orcs as an example) come in different class types (Berserker, Assassin. Defiler, etc)
    Adventuring MOBs can also drop Avatars which are similar to Arena Pets which you can use as your Avatar in a Player Made Dungeon.
    It is also possible for regular adventuring MOBS to drop Boss Mobs which can be placed in your dungeon. There are supposed to be dozens of these, but thus far only 5-6 have been found.

  2. I’m hoping to do a follow-up to my recent piece on the Dungeon Maker on Inventory Full tomorrow so I won’t rehash what I’m going to say here, but I thought I’d confirm that I’ve done quite a lot of DM dungeons now and nothing has ever dropped. It’s one of my main complaints with the whole thing, no drops. They really need to change that. Lots of things for the DM do drop in the outside world though.

    Glad you enjoyed it more the second time round. I really like them although I don’t feel I fully understand it all yet – I seem to learn new things every time I run a dungeon, hence the need for an update to what i was saying last time.

  3. There are no drops inside dungeons. What your seeing in the chat channels is probably people talking about drops that happen in the normal zones. The dungeons are all level 50. so if say your lvl20 and grouped with a lvl90 you will both be set to lvl50 once you enter. also the amount of tokens is set on the difficulty of the dungeon. you’ll get the same amount of tokens weather you are grouped or solo.

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