With help once more from Ibeogur (guild mate) my little level 10 beastlord set out into the wide world of Norrath, and when the dust cleared, she was level 63. Beastlords are interesting, they have two key aspects besides their warders that make them a bit more involved to play. Number one, at level 18 you’ll earn yourself an extra hotbar that you’ve probably never seen before. On it will go (automatically) skills that you can’t use unless you proc a beastlord specific spell. You’ll never forget when this proc goes off because a giant blue and yellow beastlord paw print will mark your screen and sounds will go off. A little annoying if you proc often. Later on as you level you’ll also gain a savagery bar (level 20). As you use the skills that can only be used when you proc, you’ll gain savagery, and then you’ll be able to use other skills that only work if you have a certain level of savagery. It’s less confusing than it sounds. It’s hard to proc savagery when you kill fast though, so I’d consider these to be more ‘grouping’ tools.

Warders are neat. They come in different categories, and you can ‘keep’ one warder of each category. So far I’ve collected Feline, Aquatic, and Avian warders. They each get their own aa tree that you can spend points in, and you’ll have to earn loyalty with each warder. Pictured above is ‘Crabby’. I know, I’m incredibly creative when it comes to naming my warders.

Once I was done with the Beastlord for the day and put all of my items up for sale, I decided it would be a good idea to log in all 9 of my crafters one at a time in order to do their apprentice dailies. I didn’t get anything amazing, but I am researching some nice items. They’ll help for the ranger I’ve got level locked at 35, and any alts I make (although I already have 13, how many more do I possibly need).

I have three enchanters, and I’ve been looking at how to deal with that. All are on the same server, two are coercers. I’m thinking of deleting one of my coercers, but I need to level up another sage, first. One coercer is a 90 sage, the other a 90 carpenter (who has a lot of extra recipes that I don’t want to simply lose). I’m thinking that the warlock would make a great sage, and then I can delete that third enchanter that I really don’t need (all of the enchanters are level 90. I really like the class what can I say).

I’m enjoying myself in EQ2 this round which is nice. It’s a much more casual pace than last time I played, and Antonia Bayle is filled with players. I hope that the Free to Play model is kind to the game, although me and EQ2 have had our rough moments, and I’ve fallen out of ‘love’ with it a few times, it still seems to be the only game out there that can offer me EVERYTHING I want from an MMO. Robust crafting system, sandbox features (housing, achievements, shiny hunting, etc), solo and group content, a UI players can adjust (both in default and if you get a UI mod), a booming community, regular updates (even if the updates are not to my personal liking, at least they happen), guild features, and a few other little tidbits that we take for granted this day in age. While I still have some major issues with a few paths of the game (the reduction of stats down to players only requiring two, for example) doesn’t every game out there have issues?

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

5 thoughts on “Beastlord Leveling #EQ2 #EverQuestII”
  1. @Zygwen – I am capped at 200% bonus xp even if I delete the 2nd coercer, so I deleted and started a new one. :) I have 13 level 90 characters.

  2. I’d keep the two coercers to keep the veteran xp bonus if they are both at or near level 90. Instead, I’d get another character slot for a new toon.

  3. Will be reading this with interest, keep us updated on your beastlord. I’ll need quite a push to buy the expansion, I’m wondering if this will be it.

  4. Your EQ2 posts usually tempts me to come back, but I recently got into the ‘endgame’ or the pvp/politics of Lineage 2. I never realized how addicting the true nature of the game is. Now I’m running a dual box setup trying to talk myself out of starting a 3rd to keep up with war declarations and sieges/territory wars. It goes something like this: spend hours trying to get more xp than all the clan’s we’re at war with while they’re trying to do the same, in the same xp areas, and fight us for the leveling spots. Keep doing that as much as you can to stay ahead of the competition to win the clan wars and have that one extra level to have the upper hand on your opponent when it comes time to siege the enemy.

    Quite the competitive pvp-game. I haven’t enjoyed open world pvp and politics like this since Darkfall.

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