I’ve been pretty busy on Darkpaw, my house was built and next was a floor. I’ve only got one square of flooring in so far, but it’s a start. I also managed to make myself a bed, and a chest to keep tools in when I don’t feel like carrying them around. The barrel is filled with some foods I made, they won’t last long before they start to decay, but it gives me a place to store them in the mean time. I’ve been working on getting the landscape ‘fixed’ – see when you cut down a tree in Wurm it doesn’t just magically grow back, you have to plant more trees. My property was pretty bare, so I’ve been cutting sprouts on my travels and replanting to bring the forest back. Especially along my Northern border, it’s completely bare and I’ve been working on getting rid of the sand tiles by covering them with dirt. Ideally, I’d like to see that whole area covered in steppe so that animals will spawn, but that would be a LOT of planting, and since I don’t technically own the land that way (no one does, it’s a large space between my deed and my neighbours) it’s only too easy for someone to come along and destroy it all.

I went out to ‘clay isle’ and worked on my digging, I can work with slopes up to 12×3 steep now, which is nice when I’m trying to get a little farm land going. This entire area is the side of a hill, so I’ve had to work it a bit in order to get myself situated.

Everything about Wurm appeals to my sense of gaming, and I’m really glad that I finally gave it a try. It’s a time intensive game, but since I work from home time is something I have a lot of. It’s sandbox in a way that scares a lot of people – but again that’s exactly what I was looking for. The effort required to build items that you use such as a cart, a floor loom, a house, is something that I can take pride in because it’s not just a single mouse click. When I completed my bed by adding sheets to it (that I made) I was incredibly proud, I didn’t even fail the combine, with only a 42% chance to complete them. It was a great moment.

It’s night time in game right now, and that’s when I stick close to my deed and do mundane tasks, because wandering around in the daylight is dangerous enough, walking around at night when I can barely see in front of me is something I would rather not risk yet. Never know when a lava fiend or some other big nasty is going to sneak up on me, and since I’ve been so incredibly focused on crafting in game, I have barely done any combat at all – which is NOT a bad thing, since I’ve never been that combat orientated.

I’m looking forward to what comes next. I’m waiting for daylight so I can wander over to Arkenor’s property, and cut some flowers and sprouts along the way to bring back with me. I’ve got a small garden going, and I’d like to start breeding horses. So far I have an adolescent female, she will have to age a bit, and I’ll need a male. I’d like to get a cow or two, too, work on my cooking some more, and decide which skills I’d like to ‘focus’ on. It’s slow going, but incredibly fun. Plus, I still need to find a priest to convert me to Fo.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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