Peering out my window yesterday, I avoided almost certain death – now that I’ve been replanting trees along my deed, nature has decided to once again wander its path. I think this is fantastic, I love that you can affect the actual lands of WurmOnline, you can change the ground into anything from sand, dirt, grass, trees, steppe, and even flowers. Changing the tiles changes what happens around that area, so it’s not something to be taken lightly. Scopique eventually lead this bear over to a guard to have it taken care of (there are no guards on my property, but the neighbours have some) so he was safe. For now.

Yesterday I decided it was time I wandered over to Arkenor’s deed, to see how he has been progressing. His deed is out in the wilds, and it took a little wandering before I could find it properly. I almost died, numerous times, but thankfully there were a few abandoned deeds along the way I could hide out in. I even managed to find myself a fat young calf to take home. Now I’ve got a calf and a horse penned up by my house. I also managed to get my digging high enough that I can manage steep slopes, and I flattened an area of land to plant on. I extended the path that leads from my home down to what will eventually be a dock area, although it needs quiet a bit of work. That’s what WurmOnline is all about.

I have a schedule for myself in game. If it’s night time I putter around my deed doing mundane things that need to be done like working on the dock, the farmland, cooking casseroles. If it’s day time I can wander from home and it’s far more safe since I can actually see where I’m going. I use this time to adventure – typically looking for sprouts and flowers that I can clip and bring home and re-plant. I also hunt for abandoned villages to plunder, after all, why let things go to waste. I’m waiting for my horse and calf to grow up, and I’d like a male horse and a bull so that I can eventually breed the animals. I need to extend the pen slightly, it was put up temporarily when I first brought the horse home so it’s quite tiny.

All in all, I’m enjoying myself in WurmOnline (as you can tell by the frequency of posts). I realize people may not be all that excited by my daily ‘working on a farm’ posts, but it’s so incredibly refreshing to me. Plus once I have the skills to perform the more mundane tasks, no doubt my posts will get a little more interesting. I’d like to build a ship to explore other servers, and I may even start up a second account so that once I dedicate myself to Fo I can still cut down trees and mine.

I hope everyone else had an amazing weekend, no matter where you found yourself. As always, happy gaming!

3 thoughts on “It’s a Bear! #WurmOnline”
  1. I was gone for a week, so I’m only slowly catching up on blog posts, but I definitely do enjoy your Wurm descriptions. I had never heard of the game before, now I”m thinking about trying it myself eventually.

  2. My guard has gone now so just Katary’s left. :)

    I didn’t even realise that animals would begin to return when tree’s were planted. I’d better get on and plant my top tier again in that case, so any spare sprouts you can throw my way. ;)

    I too want to ship build but I’ve still the main bulk of my deed to work. I’ve tier walls to slab/board, the dock market area to finish, tree’s to plant and a colossus to start building. ;) Ok so the big man is a long way off but still….

  3. As you’re starting out for the first time, and trying all sorts of skills, I have no doubt you will anyway, but make sure you reach 21 Body Control (cruicial for riding horses) before you become a priest if that is a route you go down. Fo and Vynora especialy have no skills to speak of that they can do to gain Body Control.

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