Time for an experiment. I’m constantly praising sandbox games (and that won’t change any time soon, anyone who reads this site knows that I rarely if ever post negatively) so how about playing one “the hard way” – which is to say, sending my little wurmian out with no help, no friends, and seeing how she does. Isn’t that how people play games these days? Insisting on doing everything alone? Armed with nothing but my newbie tool kit, a settlement paper (so that I can purchase a deed if I so choose) and the knowledge that I’ve already gathered via the wiki and public channels, I’ve decided my little alt Stargrace on the Deliverance server will undertake the greatest challenge yet – finding her own personal grain of sand in this massive sandbox. I’ll be writing about her adventures in a journal-type style, and while I’m sure it won’t always be the most exciting of reads it should present more of a “how the real world works” opinion. So. Without further wait: 

Day One

I awoke with a nasty lump on the head and no memory of who I am or what I was doing. A nearby sign told me I was in Green Dog, and checking my bags I found the basics to survival located in a tool belt, but something must have happened before, because I can’t even find my compass. Ever try to figure out which way is North without a compass? It’s difficult. Some how I managed to stumble my way to a kind merchant who was willing to sell me a settlement deed. I imagine one day I may want an actual home, although where that is has yet to be decided. A nearby bartender provided me with food and drink, and he gave me a smirk as he reminded me that after I was awake for 24 hours he would stop providing these necessities and I would be forced to procure my own meals. Fine, his stuff tasted like saw dust anyhow.

I began wandering East – at least, I think it was East. I can never be too sure. I noted the destruction of various trees as I left Green Dog, obviously I was not the first one to leave this place. I tried to rummage around in some wooden boxes, hoping for a compass, but they were filled with nothing but garbage from other peoples adventures, as brief as they may have been. The sun started to set in the sky and I decided to stick to the roads. I know I won’t find a location for my ideal home along a road, that sort of thing is frowned upon, but perhaps if I managed my way to a coast, I could find a strip of land.

I walked for what felt like hours. Over hills, running past creatures. So many creatures. I heard people earlier exclaiming that there was a lack of these beasts as of late. I think they’re crazy. I couldn’t walk ten feet without tripping over a mountain lion. I even saw my first (and second) goblin. Nasty critters that made me circle around them, eager to avoid their deadly weapons. After walking for what seemed like forever (the sun was just barely visible now) I came to a place called ‘the looking glass’ which was indeed along the cost. A quick look at a map that I had mysteriously stuffed into my tool belt (cough wiki cough) showed me that I had indeed made it to the coast. North of me (if I could figure out which direction that was) would be the plains. I had grand hopes of making it even further than that to find a place to settle, and so I set forth.

More hours passed. I sustained myself by drinking from the ocean and eating raw bear meat, too tired to actually set up a camp fire. Plus I didn’t think ahead and brought no kindling with me. I passed by numerous animals that made me wish I had of at least brought a thing of rope with me, but no, instead all I have is this tool box, and even that seems barely adequate. Why wouldn’t I have brought along a sickle?!

Suddenly, I spotted a cart, just sitting there out in the open. A small one, no owner in view. I decided not to let it go to waste, and began dragging it. This, I later learned, was a mistake. One that would cost me. As the sun dipped below the horizon and my foot steps became almost impossible to see, more creatures put themselves directly into my path. I was chased by a large spider, and my stubborn ways wouldn’t allow me to drop the cart I was trying to drag behind me. Ever try to out run a massive spider while dragging a cart along a cobbled road? Let me tell you from experience, this story does not end well.

I dropped down a large slope, and I lost my barrings. With no idea where I was, I knew I couldn’t return for the cart. Darkness closed in around me, some where, I heard a mountain lion join in with the spider and I swear I heard one of the Gods cackling at me and my trial. The sky went black.

When I awoke, I was back in Green Dog. That’s where I’m penning this from. Again, nothing but a tool belt strapped to my waist. The bartender looks at me out of the corner of his eye, but I know if I try to approach him for a refreshment this time he’ll just laugh at me. All of those hours wandering, wasted. Well, not wasted. At least I know which way is East.

5 thoughts on “Lets Try an Experiment: Little Wurmian on the Prairie – Day One #WurmOnline”
  1. If you’ve not had a chance yet, read the Surviverman blog from an experienced player who started fresh with only his steel and flint (although he tried not to use it). Even dropped his starter tools and went for the crude tools to get going.

    Looking forward to seeing how this one develops :)

  2. Reminds me of my old days in UO. just be boppin around cutting trees, making potions (that exploded), and other such nonsense. Plus its stories like this that get me all hyped up to play a game cause i want to have that kind of fun. keep it up cause im starting to like this Wurm game heh.

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