Still adventuring in WurmOnline, and still having an absolute blast. I haven’t made any blog posts lately because I’ve just not been in the mood to write, it happens (rarely). Both deeds are coming along quite well. I have been working on the waterfront of Darkpaw Harbor, making areas for boats and fishing. Les Reveur is a more complex project, I started building a larger house beside my small shack, inside is my food storage bin and oven, much like the Food Hall at Darkpaw. The majority of my time has been spent trying to cultivate the land, re-planting trees so it’s not just a barren area of sand and dirt. I’ve planted over 30 sprouts so far, with room for many more. I’m excited to post before and after pictures once the trees grow a little bit. A lot of what I planted were pine sprouts so that I can cut them down (and replant them) making use of the wood.

I’ve been working on my meditation so I can choose the path of love once I reach 15 skill. It’s slow going because I have to remember to actually do it, in between everything else. In more excitement, my calf grew into a cow and I obtained my first bucket of milk! Proud moment, now I just need to turn it into cheese.

My pet dog died, sadly (in game of course). Some how a bear managed to get through my fence, and since the dog was tamed he leaped into combat to protect me. Didn’t fare so well against the bear who is still trapped and slowly starving in the pen. I can’t fight him and he refuses to come out, so he’ll just have to sit there until he starves. In the mean time that pen is out of use.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend, no matter where you find yourself. I also purchased a 3DS this weekend, so if you want to add me to your friends list let me know what your friend ID is and I’ll add you! Mine is 0731 5491 6885.

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