The Darkpaw Bay deed has been coming along nicely. Yesterday I built a tiered garden going down the slope of the hill. It’s a flat row of crops, then a slope of fruit trees, another row of crops, and so on until it reaches two tiles from the waters edge. I have been giving a lot of thought as to what I want to do long-term in Wurm, and I think I’ve finally come to a decision. Despite the fact that becoming a priest comes with a whole lot of restrictions, I am fairly certain that I want my premium character to be my main character – and my priest. To give you an indication of why people typically use their alts to become priests here are the restrictions:

  • Priests cannot improve. They can finish unfinished items that do not need items added to them.
  • Priests cannot continue on or repair walls or structures. They can plan them.
  • Priests cannot dig. (Exception: Fo)
  • Priests cannot cut wood. (Exception: Vynora and Libila)
  • Priests cannot use alchemy. (Exception: Fo)
  • Priests cannot use bows (Exception: Magranon and Libila)
  • Priests cannot mine (Exception: Magranon and Libila)
  • Priests cannot pack dirt or pave (Exception: Vynora)
  • Priests cannot make healing covers (Exception: Fo)
  • Priests cannot stealpick locks or destroy structures. (Exception:Libila)
  • Libila priests cannot use farminggardening or taming skill.

Along with becoming a priest of Fo (so far I am just a follower) I’ve managed to get my meditation skill to 15, and picked a path to follow. I’ve picked the path of Love, and set up a 3×3 tile with flowers on every tile, close to water. It’s slightly off my second deed, and I was lucky enough that the very first tile I meditated upon gave me the choice to pick the path of love. Now I’m working on putting up a small stone wall with an iron gate around the 3×3 area so that it can’t be ruined and I can continue to use this tile to raise my meditation and hopefully answer the questions to the path of love.

Before I become a priest (I’m far away, there’s no worries) I need to make sure to get my body strength and control above 21, although I’m happy to see I can still dig, being a priest of Fo. I don’t really spend much time cutting trees or mining, and I rarely (if ever) imp my weapons. As far as walls, I can use Stargrace to repair, or ask a friendly neighbour. If I can’t handle being a priest or the restrictions that come with it, I can switch to a different deity, and drop the priesthood. We’ll see how it goes.

I should have screen shots to post with all of the progress I’ve made to both deeds. I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend, no matter where you find yourself. Happy gaming!

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