Despite 90% of my posts being about how I’m planting, and harvesting, there is another ‘side’ of wurm that I’m quite active in and that’s exploring. This portion of the game has proven to be incredibly exciting – but it also comes with a lot of rules that players have to be aware of, which is where the learning curve comes in once more. How can exploring possibly have a learning curve you say? Take my latest exploration trip as an example. I stumbled across a collection of buildings that were falling down. The damage to the walls was 92% and there was damage to everything on the old deed. The land itself was no longer deeded (as in no one was currently paying rent on it) and I was lucky enough to find a treasure trove of items that I could take home. Due to the high damage of the walls I didn’t feel ‘bad’ about collecting these items – if I didn’t take them, someone else would OR they would rot, which is worse.

If someone had of been actively repairing walls, or the doors were locked (thus preventing anyone from taking any of the items until they had decayed) it would be incredibly bad form for me to ransack this location. Just because a place is not deeded does not mean that the contents should be a free for all. There for if you ARE going out exploring and do happen to stumble across a bit of un-deeded land, be sure to check for signs of life before taking any items. It’s also incredibly bad form to make off with carts from deeds, especially moving large ones that can’t be opened. There’s no stealing on Deliverance and no lockpicking, so you have to be really careful about what you do.

In any case, this was by far my most successful adventure as far as ‘loot’ goes. It took me both characters, a cart, and a lot of containers to get everything back to my deed, and I still had to leave some of it because I didn’t have a boat. I’m attempting to purchase one, but who knows when that will take place. I’ve been trying to take a more active role in the community of Wurm, posting on forums and getting involved in discussions and on channels, talking and being friendly to my neighbours. It’s something that will take time, but it makes the game experience so much more fun.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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