When Adam “Ferrel” Trzonkowski mentioned that he was writing a second book, this one about raiding, I was eager to read it and see what he had to share with everyone. He offered to send people a free copy with the understanding that we would write a review, whether it was good or bad. If you’ve never taken the time to sit down and actually think about raiding, or if you’re perhaps just getting started, then this book will have a lot of great information for you. If you have done any length of raiding in the past but want to brush up on some terminology then this book may also capture your fancy. While I didn’t personally learn anything new, I did appreciate having a different perspective about things. I spent most of the book realizing that guilds are incredibly different in the way that they handle raid situations, and Adam’s writing reflects this. I didn’t always see eye to eye on his discussions (especially Chapter 2.1 The Raid Leader) but I could appreciate where he was coming from. I do feel that the book is quite specific to the games that Adam has played and has experience with – for example only portions of this book would be useful if you were going to raid in EVE Online. A larger portion would be useful if you were raiding in EverQuest II, where the ‘trinity’ is used (tank, dps, healer). While it’s not exactly common to find games that swerve away from this method of game-play, it does happen some times. Raiding in Wurm is nothing like taking down an encounter in WoW, but in the end it’s all people coming together for a common goal, so there’s still information that pertains.

I appreciated the chapters dedicated to loot distribution, I think that raiders some time think their preferred way is the one right way, when in actuality there are many ways to handle this and they all have their up sides and down sides. It’s all unique to the sort of guild you’re in, too. Chapter 5 (The Tools of the Raider) was a fantastic overview that I wish every raider (old and new) would read. I think a lot can be learned from taking advantage of the items he lists – but again this is completely based on the idea that you want to “be the best raider you can be”. Raiding doesn’t have to be a second job, and if you’re not having fun then you may want to take another look at why you’re doing it (there’s a Chapter for that too).

Over all the book was easy to understand, and gave great insight to how a hardcore raider thinks which I think is much more valuable than the actual rules of raiding.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Amanda “HolyDust” Martin, and really adds a lot of character. You can find it in the amazon store as a kindle book if you’re interested in reading it yourself. Thank you Adam for giving me the opportunity to share your book with my readers, and I wish you all the best with its future!

One thought on “The Raider’s Companion – Thoughts”
  1. Thank you for taking the time to write a review, I really appreciate it! I’m glad you enjoyed the book and I certainly agree with your assessments. It really does view things from an EQ/EQ2 raiding perspective. I try to be general but I always fall back on my own experiences!

    You can also get the paperback at Amazon if you prefer a physical copy!

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