Ah yes, bring on the “that game is still around?!” and “people still play that game?!” comments, today I’m talking about Vanguard. While I don’t often write about the game I have still been playing, my in-game home is still there and I’ve even had some neighbours pop up around the area. Last week Vanguard received a new launch pad, and I have to say it’s pretty nice. It mimics the new launch pads that were created for EQ2 and EQ1, and you can find them (as well as all of the SOE launch pads) over at soe.getthegame.com. It’s nice to have them all in a central location. If you’ve already got a copy of Vanguard installed on your PC be sure to point to the proper directory, as the new installation path is NOT where the old one used to install. The entire process was smooth and the game launches far more clean than it used to. I’m incredibly pleased.

The fact that there is a new launch pad (and a few other things in the works) gives me hope for this game. For too long now people have assumed that it should/will be shut down – and I have diligently stood on the side promoting it as a gem. I will continue to do so. The graphics for this game were well beyond its time, and I feel that it has finally reached a period where people have the computers to appreciate it fully. There are still glitches, but, they are being worked on.

You can still find me in-game running the guild Nomadic Gamers. It’s small (in fact at the time of posting it there are only two active members, one of them being myself) and more of a social guild than anything else. If you want to talk to me in game you can find me there as Stargrace (50 disciple), Arysh (18 warrior), Faydai (47 blood mage), or my 34 shaman and 24 bard. Their names escape me this morning, so just do a search for Nomadic Gamers. Chances are anyone on is me. This post has been quite rambling but you should expect some ‘better’ ones about Vanguard in the future. There are still so many dungeons I’ve yet to explore, so many quests I haven’t done. I’m looking forward to showing them off, and I may even post another Vanguard video or two. It’s been a while since I’ve made one.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

One thought on “Progress Is Happening in Telon! #VGD #Vanguard”
  1. I dropped back in for the 5th anniversary celebrations and ended up both writing about it and playing again. Telon looks absolutely stunning. I agree about the launchers too. Best launchers SoE have had, well, ever I think.

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