I’ve been doing a lot of sailing in Wurm these days, mostly between my two deeds but also to deeds that have fallen apart (as long as they’re by the coast). I’ve collected a lot of scrap wood and dirt, two very precious items (especially for me, since I really dislike cutting down trees). I have been working on both deeds diligently, for Darkpaw Bay that involves planting a number of birch and maple trees along my coast (a row of birch and then a row of maple) and taking care of the gardens. Perhaps finishing some floor boards in Petterm’s neglected (cough) house. At Les Reveur there’s more work to be done, but I haven’t quite come to a decision about it yet. The land has been heavily worked, but there are changes to it I’d like to make. I also need to finish the water front, put down slabs, and hopefully GM’s can get rid of the boat that’s moored on my deed, I’ve sent in a /dev report but no one responded. I’ll send another in today perhaps.

I neglected the grooming on one of my horses at Les, and now it’s diseased. I had to isolate it and feed / groom it in the hopes that the disease fades. That’ll teach me to neglect grooming! My rooster is still (surprisingly) alive, I’ve been hand feeding it grains. He’s certainly not as plump as the horses, but hey at least it’s alive. For now.

Speaking of horses, I had to put one down yesterday. I had too many males, and with a limited amount of space to keep the animals I decided to kill it and butcher it. A little cruel perhaps but at least I can make use of the parts that resulted from that. Just one more of the difficult decisions you have to make while playing. I suppose I could have just let him run free and another player would have found him – but that doesn’t save him from anything, it just prolongs it. I’d rather make use of the extra bits myself.

Aside from the daily deed chores as I call them, I’ve been working on my mining. Prospecting too, although that is moving quite slowly. I’ve discovered a cavern in behind my mines at Les, and I’m working on uncovering it. So far it’s a slow process, but I’m excited. Eventually I’d like to make lamps to light my deeds up at night, but lamps are tricky things to make and use an entire log, so I’m a bit far from attempting them quite yet.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself! Sorry for the lack of enthusiasm in my posts lately, but I’m dealing with a bit of RL stress, and so you’ll just have to put up with it for now. I’m sure things will be back to normal in no time at all. <3

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