Before – sever lack of trees

When I first purchased my deed there was an incredible lack of trees. In fact there were so few trees I had major concerns that I would be unable to put up my home, or build some of the much needed items like a bsb or fsb (bulk storage bin, food storage bin). It was by luck that I stumbled into some ruins, and purchased a boat, and then hauled off the logs from those ruins to make all of the items I required for this deed.

After – a miniature forest grows

I worked really hard at re-planting, bringing trees over to the deed from my primary location at Darkpaw Bay. I planted over 100 trees total, most of them pine because those grow the fastest and I’d be able to pick sprouts from them then cut them down to use for logs and re-plant. I was also given some sprouts by Arkenor, one of which was a lemon tree that planted successfully. I added maple and cedar to the few birch that grew, and in time my wasteland of a deed that was nothing but packed dirt and cobblestone tiles began looking like a deed I could be proud of.

It’s incredibly important to plant trees in Wurmonline as they are not an infinite resource. Once you’ve cut down all of the trees, that’s it, you’re done. One of the first tools any new player should attempt to make (despite it’s difficulty) is a sickle. This tool is not one granted in the beginner pack (although it should be) and it’s the tool required to replant (ie: cut sprouts) those trees you cut down.

It’s also really important not to cut trees as they’re sprouts. They won’t supply you with the logs you’re seeking. Fruit trees are also a poor substitution for logs, as are olive trees. Although I personally find olive trees annoying so I cut them down (on my deed!) out of spite. I also make sure to re-plant everything.

It’s hard for players to realize that resources don’t last forever. One of the common complaints I hear in game is about marsh – you CAN get rid of marsh by using floor tiles, but once the marsh is gone, it’s gone, there’s no way to bring it back. That’s one of the reasons why there are strong activists in game, although they do need to keep in mind that this is a game. Speaking of, I think it’s time to play a bit. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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