One of my main goals in wurm (at the moment) is to work on my deed. It’s not the only ‘goal’ in game, it’s just one that I have a lot of fun with, so that’s how I spend a lot of my time. Liken it to housing in EQ2, except you’re ‘decorating’ the outside. The picture above is just some of the changes I’ve made. I’ve actually added a lot more that you can’t see. For example the empty area with logs cut down straight in the center is now my second animal pen. Since becoming a priest of Fo includes so many restrictions I’ve decided to attempt to breed horses with specific traits to sell. There is already a person who does this on the East Coast, but I thought I may get some business doing it on the West Coast. You can’t transport horses, so having a location close to Green Dog is a nice bonus. I’ve moved 6 horses into the new pen, while my cattle and deer stay in the pen to the left hand side.

I also built myself a new house along the waterfront, added an iron fence and a willow tree. My deed has a very ‘cottage’ type feel to it, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to add wood floor planks instead of pavement to the front along the shore to heighten that feeling.

I’ve also purchased a merchant. These can be placed in trader stalls and loaded with items to sell to players. They differ from the traders in game because they don’t come with any inventory at all, and I may not get very many sales but I’m still excited about having one. My neighbours are building a harbor along with some market stalls, and have offered me the chance to set up my stall along with theirs. I expect to fill the merchant with some gems I’ve been collecting (used to store favor), and jewelry crafted items that players can use to sacrifice to deity for favor. I’m also hoping to sell the extra odds and ends that I collect along my travels, extra tools and the like.  Getting people aware that the merchant is there along with encouraging them to shop from this particular deed is always an issue, but with the revamp of Green Dog not that far away (march 7th) I’m hoping people may be a bit more open to exploration. Plus (hopefully) the tunnel from GD to the West Coast will be open soon, and the trip should be much easier for people to figure out.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

5 thoughts on “Setting Up A Merchant #WurmOnline”
  1. Well Stargrace’s posts here, and especially the screenshots, have started me playing Wurm. The screenshot above looks remarkably like somewhere I passed through last night, too.

    I could say I’ve started playing Wurm again, since I tried it years ago. All I remember is stumbling around in almost complete darkness for an hour with no clue where I was or what I was doing. This time it’s been a much smoother introduction. There’s actually a tutorial! Mostly what I’m doing is wandering around looking at what people have built, which is quite impressive.

    It does seem to be built-up over a huge area already, though, even on one of the newer servers which I’m on. I’ve traveled for the best part of an hour now and I’m still not out of a built-up area. Reminds me of traveling through the Home Counties south of London – it’s technically countryside but you never really see anywhere that isn’t built on.

    I can’t see myself investing the time to actually settle down and build anything myself but it’s very interesting to explore and take screenshots.

  2. @Tipa – you can play Wurm completely free, skills cap at 20. I believe (personally) that a casual player would not feel hindered by these caps. They only prevent certain things, for example you need 21+ skill to break down fences and walls. You need a higher skill to ride horses, command boats, and carts. You can’t create items with a higher quality level – but you can still create pretty much everything in game with a cap of 20. You can explore any part of the world you want, you can build a house, crops, mine, etc. You do need to be premium at least once to purchase a deed to OWN land, but Wurm does not require you to do this, either. It’s just that buildings tend to decay faster if they’re not deeded, and unless you put locks on the doors (another easy thing to do) strangers could access the building and take what’s inside. Many people play for free, build homes, and have a blast. I personally do have 2 premium accounts ($10 EU for two months of premium) but it’s mostly because I wanted to support the game, and to be a priest you do need to get skills over 30.

    Sorry for the rant, obviously Wurm has captured my heart. *grins*

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