This is Squid’s house (aka Petter). He hasn’t played in quite some time but I still keep the house there for him especially since Arkenor and I spent a good 8 hours building it when I first started the game. I need to finish the floors for it still, and for now it’s being used as a storage area. Can never have too much storage in game.

This is my dock house, there’s a really nice willow growing on the left hand side in the yard, and I’m thinking of changing that concrete slab path into planked wood. It will take a while, but the effect would be much nicer I think. At night the area is lit up with the imperial lanterns that Arkenor found on his travels one day. It gives a really nice glow.

The dock area, lined with lights. My corbita that I adore (especially if there’s a gale) and the dock house at the end. There’s a line of birch followed by a line of maple on the right hand side, creating a nice boarder between the dock and the rest of my deed.

On the right hand side leading along down the hill is my farm area. It’s a row of field followed by a row of fruit trees, followed by another row of field, for four rows. I have wemp, cotton, veggies, and grains, in their own rows. The fruit trees are lemon, cherry, and apple.

The mostly finished portion to yesterdays screen shot. You can see where I now have two pens, one has horses and the other has cattle and deer. I’ve planted a few maple trees along side the path that leads to my house, and I’m still deciding what I want to plant along the slim boarder on the right hand side of the pen. That’s actually a giant slope that leads down into Squid’s house, so I can’t do too much with it. I’m thinking of planting trees there to buffer the pen some what.

Once the deed is quite to my liking, I can work on other things. Crafting items for my characters to use, fishing, butchering animals and cooking. Exploring and coming home with armloads of sprouts. Filling out the forest both to my north and south. There’s always lots to be done which is the entire point of Wurm. If there was nothing to do, no one would play.

As always happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

One thought on “My Deed in Pictures #WurmOnline”
  1. Hey! I made it to your deed this morning just wandering around the coast. i died once and was gonna drag my corpse there but it was too heavy and woulda taken too long :) No one was around so i wandered off in search of fame and glory (ok…mostly for sprouts). Its a nice place you got going there, kinda makes me want to play more. heh

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