Life as a priest is not quite as bad as I had imagined it. I pictured long hours staring out windows, doing nothing but raising my channeling skills. Unable to perform ‘useful’ tasks, much too delicate for manual labor. There are downsides to the direction I’ve chosen, but I’m managing. I think were it not for the fact that I have an alt who is also premium, things would be much harder than they are.

See, priests can’t continue crafting structures, and that includes things like guard towers, houses, fences, and smaller items like bulk storage bins, beds, or anything else that has a ‘continue’ portion to the crafting process. Just because I can’t continue an item, doesn’t mean the character is useless. I can begin an item just fine and I can continue to craft bits and pieces for items. My process now is to have Arysh (my ‘main’ and the Fo priest) begin an item, and continue to craft the required pieces. Stargrace (my ‘alt’) then picks up those pieces and continues on the project until it’s a completed piece. This is actually working out quite well, because Arysh has better skills than Stargrace, so her creation process has less failures. An example would be these bulk storage bins I’m crafting tonight. I need at least two of them, Arysh crafts the ribbon, nails, and planks, while Stargrace is busy hammering it all together.

Why do I need more storage bins when they can each hold an absurd amount? Well, it’s all to do with quality level. When you put items into a storage bin it takes the average of the items and combines them all. It also takes any partial bits and pieces and expands / subtracts them into the ‘universal’ size for that item. When you’re working in higher quality items, you don’t want them combined with 1QL items, thus lowering your supplies.

I’ve got four bins so far. One is for QL 1-9, then 10-19, 20-29, and 30-39. My skills are not quite near the point where I’m working on anything higher at the moment, so that should do for a while. As I work on my mining I’ll want to make sure my ore is kept ‘pure’ especially if I want to improve items with lumps.

When Arysh isn’t busy making bits and pieces she’s taking care of the ‘general’ deed chores. These are things she can easily do, even as a priest. She grooms the animals by hand, even though I do have a spell that can take care of that particular chore. I do it by hand in order to work up my Animal Husbandry skill, I’m eager to discover new traits among my horses. I do the gardening in the pens, animals pack down the grass, and you need to fix it up for them.

I work on gardening, picking sprouts, cooking meals, I can’t repair houses or fences, but I can repair my own tools. I make sure everything is ‘ready to go’. I’ve also been working on my jewelry crafting skill. I can’t mine with Arysh, but I can mine with Stargrace and then Arysh can process the ore into lumps and create things from there. She can’t improve the items (also known in game as imp) but so far I haven’t really had a need to, either. You can imp items up to 10 points past your current skill level.

Over all, things are going well. I AM working on the spell casting portion of becoming a priest, and I’m looking forward to raising my favor / faith high enough to cast charm. That will be fun. In two months I’ll be able to cast enchanted grass, and my animals will require a lot less care.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!


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