Looking for things to do in Vanguard never seems to be a problem for me. Remembering what I was doing, and what all the pieces in my inventory were for, now that is a problem. Hampooj and I decided to continue working on the bounty hunter chain of quests in Qalia, hoping for some gear upgrades. The quests are not too difficult in a duo at our level (35) but if you’re doing them solo you may want to be a level or two higher. As it was the later quests were all red, with mobs around level 37-38. We did end up finishing a large portion of the quest chain, and walked away with some nice necklaces as well as a new pair of pants. Next we’ll be going back to get the chest piece.

I mentioned before that information on Vanguard is pretty slim, but that’s not to say there’s none out there. I’ve decided to share some of my most-used favorite Vanguard sites, in the hopes that other readers out there who are giving the game a try will also find them useful. If you know of  a site that I don’t have listed, please let me know and I’ll add it!

  • VGWalkthroughs – a handy site with a few detailed guides on what to do from levels 1-50. It’s missing the newer additions to the game (50-55, flying mount quests, etc) but it’s still great when you’re trying to come up with ideas on where to go.
  • Telonica – A newer wiki that’s attempting to fill in the blanks for people. It still needs a LOT of work, but they’ve got a good start.
  • VGTact – This has been moved, but you can still access this diplomacy wiki and it’s one of the best ones out there.
  • Mount Guide – Created by Warriormonk this doesn’t detail EVERYTHING in game at the moment, but it’s a great start. They have information about all of the vendor sold mounts, a few of the quested. At the bottom of the article you’ll see links to other Vanguard guides, including fishing, griffon quest (incomplete), a leveling guide (incomplete), etc.
  • Soresha.net – A long time supplier of map mods for VG, this site is essential to anyone who has issues with the in-game maps (and that’s pretty much all of us). They’re easy to install, and work wonderfully. I highly recommend players download InfoMap.
  • Gestalt guide – TenTonHammer has a write up about where Psionicists can find their Gestalts. I’ve no idea if it’s up to date or completed, but again it’s better than nothing.
  • Racial Mount Guide – Kayoss.net still has the best racial mount guide, thankfully. Complete with pictures.
  • VGInterface – for your interface needs. Not updated often, but they still work and it’s great to have. I personally use CoreUI.
  • VGNecro – A forum for necromancers with some guides. Hasn’t been updated since August 2011, but there’s still useful information on this site.
  • Leveling Guide – The Vanguard Vault still has a handy leveling guide, even though it doesn’t have any new information on it (50+).
  • VG Crafter’s Resource – Final Resolve has kindly made this portion of their forums public for users, there’s a lot of handy craft information that was lost when the main craft site was taken down.
  • VGCrafters – A newer site that has taken up the collecting of craft information. They have walk throughs for the Artisan’s Saga, which are incredibly handy.
  • Swamp Armor Guide – Another great guide at TenTonHammer, at 45 this armor is available, and you can start faction for it around 42 or so. It can take you up to level 50 as you work on each piece.

If you know of any other active Vanguard sites be sure to let me know in comments! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.


3 thoughts on “The Bounty Hunt and Useful Sites #VGD #Vanguard”
  1. I’m jealous. I bought a month of AC instead of VG and cant afford two subs at once.

    Next month will have to do.

  2. Just what the doctor ordered. I’ve recently started playing Vanguard and have been having a wonderful time with the game. Rest assured I’ve bookmarked this post. Thank you very much for putting all of this together.

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