Yesterday was a day for grand adventures in WurmOnline. It started with me charming bears so that Arkenor can begin his bear breeding program (they are wonderful creatures, especially for pulling carts and combat against other creatures). I tried to pass the bear to another (you can give pets as gifts) but alas the bear had a different idea and instead decided to try to eat all of us. Thanks to the powers of Fo (I can’t stress enough how much I love being a priest) I was able to re-charm the creature. Arkenor was the brave soul who stood in front of the bear and danced around distracting it so that I was able to cast the spell.

Later on in the day I decided to hunt for hens (again). I wandered North, and spotted a mine on my neighbours land. Being the curious sort that I am, I entered the mine. In front of me almost directly was a sign that said “danger” and then a very sharp drop. I didn’t realize just how close to the edge of that drop I was, and I fell. Onto an adolescent starving scorpion. I then spent the next 3 minutes running back and forth along the hallway I found myself trapped in, screaming about a scorpion trying to kill me.

It didn’t end well for either of us.

I died, wandered back to my corpse, and noticed that the scorpion was so incredibly determined to eat me that he had scaled the walls of the mine and was sitting at the entrance. I lured him out with the scent of flesh, and then backed around. Toggling ‘climb’ on I was able to lower myself far enough down to grab my corpse and run (slowly, corpses are heavy) back out of the mine. Later on in the day as I was praying I noticed a shadow cross over me.

The scorpion was back, and he wanted revenge.

Thankfully, I was on my own deed and it was just a matter of bringing the creature over to the guard tower and screaming in local for help. Two guards rushed over – one died in the battle. I butchered the kill, but didn’t get any of the bits that are used to make red dye (shame). So why is there a screen shot of a horse directly in my face above? Well. I THOUGHT I was taking screen shots of my glorious battles, but it turns out that I completely forgot the command for in-game screen shots (it’s F11 I believe, not print screen!) and so that was the result of my endevour.

It was a great day for adventures, that’s for sure. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


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