One of my favorite spells as a priest of Fo is charm. It works as a tame spell, giving the exact same levels of loyalty. Since I reached 40 faith (and thus 40 favor) I’ve been trying to find exotic animals to tame and bring back to my deed. I was looking in specific for unicorns, they’re not very handy creatures but what girl doesn’t like a unicorn. Yesterday, finally, my wishes were answered. It was unicorn day in Wurm, or at least that’s what it seemed like. They were everywhere. I ended up with four of them, a hardened, slow, and two sly. They brighten up my deed quite a bit (the slow is a very bright blue colour, the sly are green).

I purchased 500 bricks from a player who was offering to sell them for 1s and that included delivery. Bricks are really annoying to make, especially since I had already made 300 and still had 500 to go. I have no issue purchasing bulk goods or rare goods from players, especially when I have a budget of 10s a month to help invest in the market. The bricks were delivered without incident (highly recommend the folks who did so) and I was able to finally complete the walls of my 2nd deed, Fippy Keep.

Now that the walls are done I can take my time working on the areas that I want to improve, piece by piece. I want to join the animal pens together between the two deeds since their perimeters join, and create a very large pen. Animals only require one tile to live healthy lives, but I’m really more fond of giving them more space.

I would still like to find a champion unicorn, as well as a raging one. I’m also still on the look for eggs / hens / alert dogs, and added to that list are cave bugs. I think it would be a neat endeavor to breed cave bugs. I doubt I could give you a proper answer why, I just think they’re interesting and it would be nice to have a supply of dye-making bugs.

I found a water tile on the Keep deed yesterday and built my first fountain. It’s in a fantastic location that is close to all of my buildings, and it looks pretty neat. Hopefully now that those pesky walls are up I can spend some time making the place look good, and do a lot of replanting. I want to surround the outside with trees so that the keep blends into the forest. As soon as it’s looking a bit better I’ll post some videos of the place, as well as more screen shots.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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