It is 01:32:57 on day of the Ant in week 3 of the Raven’s starfall in the year of 1021.

Things were a little rough today. I was visited by a wanderer who mentioned that my walls were not strong, and that because I had settled in the wild, they could easily be removed and all of my things taken. I didn’t appreciate the comments but I did spend some time reinforcing the small property. I was happily given another bull from someone near by and this makes my trips to gather clay and peat much easier. Since burning peat is a much easier on resources than burning wood scraps, that’s what I’ve been up to.

I also spent some time in the mines, hammering silver from the walls. I haven’t collected much yet, but I’m getting there. Soon it will time to smelt what I’ve collected, and hammer it into bowls.

First thing in the mornings I wander out with my young hardened dog to clear the mountain top of wild cats and mountain lions. I spotted a large spider in the distance, I don’t want to mess with those quite yet. The creatures can still hurt me since I’m without any armor (aside from a leather glove I picked up along my travels) but perhaps in time I’ll find better.

It’s peaceful up here and I enjoy it so much. I know it won’t always be this way. Before long others will come, paving the green grass, and cutting down the trees to make room for whatever their hearts fancy. When that happens I’ll move on. Until then, this is my  little slice of paradise.


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