While I love going on about how much I adore WurmOnline (and in fact I’ve started a 3rd account) there’s one aspect to this giant sandbox that bothers me to no end, and that is the fact that when something goes wrong, it is incredibly difficult to get any help in the matter. I don’t mean wrong like an account issue or like a glitch in game, I mean wrong like someone comes along, abuses a bug or casts a spell or bashes an undeeded portion of land and breaks down a door, steals horses and a cart, drags them back up to their own deed, and there’s not a lick that anyone else can do about it. The general response to any of this is “deed your valuables” – that’s the problem, these horses were on the perimeter, which does not technically count as on-deed. Even though breaking down enclosures is technically against the rules, and even though many logs with combined evidence were given, it still comes down to ‘the gate decayed, keep your items on-deed.’

This infuriates me. I do not appreciate thieves, especially when there are specific servers where these acts can be performed without breaking any rules (ie: there are pvp servers, go grief there). Taking the time to steal from someone on a pve server is just acting like a troll, picking on people who can not fight back.

“Griefing” also lends itself quite well to wurm, because players are allowed to build enclosures in the wild and technically those enclosures SHOULD be safe. However the server does not reinforce this and so if someone wants to come along and bash open your walls and take all your items they’re more than welcome to. Unless you go and get GMs involved (who will quite often tell you the item in question has decayed and then do nothing) there’s not a lot you can do.

That is just a part of the game and as a player you’re expected to learn this and just deal with it. It’s one of the few parts I do not enjoy in the least bit. It’s also why I now own a third deed, to protect my mountain escape from vandals. Remember, if you care about it, deed it (and lock it).

One thought on “Griefer’s Are Gonna Grief #WurmOnline”
  1. I was JUST talking with my friend last night who is still playing Wurm, and he was telling me about how his town just had an issue with people from the PvPLands that came in and slaughtered all of their livestock. The mayor painstakingly put all of them on KoS, and the next time my friend logged in, there were piles of dead bodies there.

    The upside is that they have all kinds of nice stuff on the bodies because the jerks had to take boats to cross over from PvPLand…and those boats were still anchored off the PvE coast, so they won’t be coming back to claim their junk any time soon XD

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