Dye is a wonderful thing. You can’t use it on everything in game, but you can add just enough colour to give things a personal feel. Arkenor made some olive dye and passed it to me, and I promptly used it on some furniture. Doesn’t it look great?!

Things in-game have been going well. I applied (and was accepted) as a CA. That’s a Community Assistant for those curious. It means that when people have questions in the CA channel, I’ll do my best to answer them. I’ll try to help out new (and veteran) players as much as possible. It’s a ‘job’ that I’ve been looking forward to doing, and have done off and on as I’ve played these last few months anyhow. Just in a more ‘official’ role. I’m hoping (eventually) to move up to CM, and help out with moderation.

What have I been up to? Well. Since I was having issues with griefers, I decided to deed that mountain top residence that I had created. I took down the old wooden shack (1×1) and built myself a 1×3 stone house. Stone houses are much more sturdy, although since I’m deeded it shouldn’t decay anyhow (as long as you have 2 months of upkeep paid). With my new ‘home away from home’ secured, I decided it was time to work on a few skills. I’ve been trying to get my Fo priest to 21 body control, that’s the base amount you need to ride a horse. Last night, after three months, I FINALLY got there! See, as a priest you’re restricted by what you can do, so while archery is a great method for raising the skill, it’s not something most priests can do (there are exceptions, Mag and Lib priests are able to use bows). Priests also can’t improve items, which is another great way to raise body control! So I was limited to doing tailoring, rope, and the best method I found (thanks to the suggestion of Arkenor) was combat. I traveled around Darkpaw Bay looking for unsuspecting creatures like wolves, mountain lions, and wild cats. I even managed to find a few cave bugs at the neighbours place. I still can’t quite handle a spider.

Of course as soon as I hit 21 body control I climbed up onto the first horse in my pen and ran around cackling like a crazy woman. It was a blast! Much faster than riding around on a cart, perfect for my quick trips to the mountains.

Now I need to get Stargrace to the same level. Hopefully it doesn’t take another three months.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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