I love Deliverance, I really do, but some times I just want to get away from it all. Away from the people I see in local (neighbours, you do not count, I like you all), away from the people I know by name trolling kchat, away from a map that I’m (these days) quite familiar with. Thus, I’ve decided to keep a 3rd deed on independence. At the moment my Vynora priest is parked there, working away on meals. As Moxie says, “if you like it, you should put a deed on it.” That’s exactly what I did. Technically the deed was already mine, I had taken it down a few weeks back, but returned due to the lure of what was left in the houses (completely random, that screen shot above is poor because it’s foggy and I can’t see anything in the fog). This deed is incredibly quiet. To the South is Berlin, which is in various states of decay. A new neighbour moved in West of the deed against the mountain but they’ve been fairly silent. There’s a large fenced in area directly West but I removed the houses that were acting as gates because it’s such a waste of wide open space. If someone wants to move in there, they are welcome to. My own deed is surrounded by amazing stone fences, has areas for horses (of which I currently have none on Independence, and doubt I will) and I planted a gigantic field of crops to work on my farming. There’s a vast forest covering half of the deed, with high reaching pine and cedar trees. I’ve been planting more trees along the other side of the deed to balance the forest out a bit.

My home away from home is quiet because of a number of reasons, some of the biggest reasons are that the server is gigantic, and there’s a long walk involved in reaching it. As Moxie mentions on another blog post, if you’re looking for a place to settle, don’t look for wide open nature places – look for abandoned and deserted deeds. Settling into a location like that and calling it your own is a fantastic way to get started. There are so many half decayed fences and buildings around. Within the rules, of course.

I like the Independence server for a lot of reasons. It gives me a new place to explore, new people to meet. Places to salvage when they’ve broken down. It’s a bit of a pain to lug everything between two servers, but it’s quite easy to bring players between those two servers (depending on the wind) hence my final decision to keep the deed going. Hopefully my Vynora priest will get some good skill gains while I have the character over there, especially channeling and alignment.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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