The Deliverance Market was a project a long time coming. Set up by a player named Rudie (I believe) it was a server wide project that everyone could participate in, giving us a central location to sell wares. It’s located just East of Green Dog, on the top of the tundra. These days it’s plagued by a multitude of unicorns, deer, and dogs, but that doesn’t stop an eager customer (or a merchant, looking to set up shop). Since there are so few customers along the West Coast where my deed currently is, I decided to place my merchant at the market, and perhaps do a bit of shopping while I was there.

I was in luck. I picked up a new weapon and a few pieces of gear for Stargrace, and I had my merchant set up without any trouble. I’m not sure if I’ll actually sell anything, but it would be nice to make a few coin. I’ve stocked the merchant with some high quality tools that have been enchanted, and other random odds and ends that I’ve found along my travels. Items that I have no real use for at the moment.

Along my way home, I spotted a greenish unicorn in the distance. Greenish trait animals are much tougher than regular ones, and I longed to add her to my collection. My first attempts at charm were unsuccessful, she beat me to a bloody pulp. I had no desire to have to walk all the way back to the market (and leave my cart there) so I stepped away and healed up, and then in a last attempt I managed to land charm without being interrupted. That’s the down side of the spell, it interrupts very easily. I jumped into my cart and told the bulls to head home, leading a not so pleased greenish unicorn behind me.

Great addition to my crayon box pictured above, no?

My female black bear has been doing pretty well. I’ve stuffed her with more meat than she can possibly eat, about 20 a day. I’m always concerned with pregnant animals because they can starve very easily, especially if they’re meat eaters. I have four more days or so before I can expect a little baby bear wandering her pen. Hopefully it will have a useful trait, I suppose I’d better start praying to the RNG Gods now.

All in all? A very productive day at the market!


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