My normally quiet Darkpaw Bay has been seeing a lot of action lately, and I have to admit, it’s awesome. There’s a bear den not too far away, and two mountain lion dens, and just recently, a goblin den spawned. I took a little trip around to see how many were wandering. They’re not too difficult, about the same level as black wolves. I killed what I could find – and along the way I also spotted some greenish brown bears off in the distance. It was hard to miss them, they are gigantic! Greenish animals as I’ve mentioned before, are a lot harder than the regular versions. I managed to drag one off to the guard and landed charm, then ran with it (by leading) away from the guards. A female! I hurriedly put my new prized possession into a pen, and went out in search of a male.

Find one I did, but the guards killed it before I could land a charm. Or rather, the bear killed me first, and on my way back the guards killed the bear. Luck was with me, I spotted a THIRD just off in the distance. Brought it to a guard, landed charm, and brought him home to the female I had captured earlier.

I was going to take a break from breeding bears because it’s quite a difficult task, but with bears like these just wandering outside my door, it’s hard to do that. Exciting times, that’s for sure. I’ve more to say on the subject, but right now I’m busy foraging for Easter eggs! Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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