There’s almost nothing more exciting than going hunting for maple sap late at night, and being jumped on by a goblin. OK, almost nothing. The green diseased bears pull in at a close second.

I’m really bad at figuring out what harvests are ready in game. I’d love for someone to develop an app that imports all of the Wurm dates into my calendar, giving me updates when a particular harvest is ready. For now I attempt to figure out the seasons via wiki, and then work out the harvesting chart. I think roses are next but I’m probably wrong. In any case, I took out my bucket and started moving from tree to tree collecting sap. I noticed on low quality buckets you’ll spend a LOT of time repairing after each harvest. After I improved it to 15 QL the damage was much less noticeable. It’s worth it to improve things as high as you can.

Why collect maple sap? Well, I can use it in other concoctions. Turn that sap into syrup and then use it in wine, or lemonade. I haven’t tried my hand at making wine yet but it’s one of the few things in Wurm that betters with age, instead of decaying. I’m eager to give this a try and see how it turns out.

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend, no matter where you found yourself. Happy gaming!

One thought on “It’s Maple Season, Bring Out the Buckets #WurmOnline”
  1. Maple… wine? Is there actually such a thing? (Thinking about it, I can’t see why one couldn’t ferment a maple-based beverage, I’m just not sure I’d call it wine.)

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