I’ve mentioned before that a large part of Wurm Online is figuring out what you want to do – and this is true for pretty much any sandbox game out there. I decided what was the point of having this amazing sea front property if it was completely blocked by trees, so I trimmed back the trees in the center view (so that my house up above can see out to the ocean) and worked on a dock which is now completed. I have to admit, I love it. There’s usually a willow tree growing beside the house on the water, but it aged and died, so a new tree is growing in its place. Willows take a bit of time to grow, so for now the landscape looks a bit empty.

Because my property is on a slope I have a tiered garden that moves down the hill in rows. Hordern pointed out one day that the fields were not flat and that they too sloped, and that if it were him, he’d have to flatten it. I let it go for months but the more I looked at my perfect dock, the more I noticed the slope. It started to weigh on my mind, and before I knew it, I was fixing it. It’s quite a bad slope too, one end of a row of field was 22 slopes down from the opposite end. Of course, it’s not just a simple matter of fixing the slope, either. I hit rock 2 tiles from the end, and I still haven’t decided how to fix it yet. I can try to surface mine the 13 slopes down with my other character, but I’m really not a fan of surface mining, at all. I could also try to raise the entire slope by 13 to fix this, which is probably what I’ll end up doing in the end. Just a shame that I didn’t get to rock until I was almost done.

Once the fields are put back in order I’ll post a few more screen shots to show what I mean.  It is feeling more like ‘home’ every day that I work on it, which is awesome.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

2 thoughts on “A Dock Completed – Next? #WurmOnline”
  1. Haha, yeah, the dock’s looking good, and I entirely agree with the hate of surface mining. I did a fair bit on my first deed, up to around 80 down for one or two tiles. Of course if you come to Chaos and visit me you’ll be able to see why – it does look good ;)

    Your other alternative is of course to just raise the whole lot and have one massive slope at the front, but that looks a little more fortressy and probably isn’t what you’re really going for – it would also obstruct the ocean view of your house.

  2. Hitting rock I know about. ;)

    We hit rock a lot when digging Fippy’s Harbour which is how the market tier came about. It wasn’t supposed to be there. ;)

    I’ve also hit rock doing the path to your deed which is why I’m glad you didn’t let that pic pan left a bit more. It’s currently a few messy tiles, 4 tiles of rock and water seeping through all over.

    Surface mining is what I’m going for to fix that as it’s only a small area I need to expose and mine down. I’d go for the raising option as you stated, or if that’s too high just surface mine part of the way down or shift the tier forwards maybe?

    Dock looks great by the way. :)

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