Yesterday was spent evening out my rows of farm. My farm still slopes and I love that, gives a great view from my house, but one end of the row would be 26 slopes from the other end, and that wasn’t going to do. Because I hit rock with 13 slopes still to go, I decided to raise the entire row. Thankfully I had some dirt stored up in my bsb and the extra I ‘borrowed’ from Moumix. I now have nice rows perfect for planting on. It used a lot more dirt than I had hoped, but I think it was worth it.

My Vynora priest has moved to the East Coast of Deliverance, a little deed called Kiyo. I split half of it with Moumix who has a non-priest there to handle the things my priest can’t do (like everything involving construction). The deed is cute, I’ve already got a little stone house to myself and some gardens to work on which is pretty much all my priest wanted aside from some trees and water. It’s a coastal deed, and the neighbours (so far) have been friendly. It feels a bit odd to be playing a character named ‘bigbadspell’ when my two other characters are Arysh and Stargrace, but because I purchased the character and there’s no rename ability, there’s not a lot I can do. A male character at that. Very little time (if any) is spent actually looking at my character so I don’t really mind. I’ll be posting screen shots of the little deed before too long, and I’ll probably make a video or two of the three places I spend most of my time at.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

2 thoughts on “Rows of Fields, and a Lot of Dirt #WurmOnline”
  1. A Vyn priest too now? What faith and channeling does it have? Might be able to link with my Vyn (closing on 93 faith) for some Mind Stealer casts at some point :)

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