Aside from exploring, one of my favorite things to do in Wurm Online is pillage. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not talking about stealing here, stealing is wrong. If you’re playing on the Freedom servers and you have to bash down a wall to get at something, you probably shouldn’t. Sure, there are technicalities that you can get around (you can technically bash down a fence if it’s not secured in a proper enclosure with at least a 1×1 house in plain view) but I prefer not to have to find loopholes in order to find treasure. Causing intentional grief to a player is never my idea of ‘fun’.

That doesn’t stop me from exploring and finding broken down ruins that have treasures just rotting away on the floor. Waste not, want not is one of Arkenor’s favorite sayings in alliance chat.

So it was that I found myself wandering, the sun had set and I stumbled into (quite literally) a broken down house. I noticed two forges, a coffin, a bsb, and a fsb. The forges provided me with 9 new frying pans which I eagerly claimed. Then my eyes settled on the coffin and the fsb. I’m always eager to collect more food stuff for myself (and the alts of course) and this one proved to be worth it. A few hundred cooked meat, some onions, and pumpkin enough to last me for a while. Turning my gaze to the coffin is where I found my greatest treasures. A handful of mid quality gems, and some very nice enchanted tools. I filled my large cart, took whatever I could in my inventory, and set out for home.

I repaired everything I took and was pleased that their quality was still excellent. I also found a container with 60 needles inside, they’re very easy to improve due to the small amount of iron they use, so I stored them safely away. It had been a while since I found such a treasure trove, some times I’m working on my own deed so much that I simply don’t have the time to wander off and explore. It’s always an exciting feeling to come back home with goodies. Deliverance is so small (and still relatively new) that finding treasures isn’t always that easy. I’m hoping for another cross server trip to see some new sights, I promised Moxie I’d come by and look at her Exodus deed, and I’d love to travel to Chaos some time. If only there were more hours in the day!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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