There are some pretty big changes coming to the Chaos server, and I’ve been trying to wrap my head around them. From the client notes:

The Chaos server will be removing some of the PvP restrictions that doesn’t go well with it being a PvP server. Effectively, some time after the 1st of May the changes listed below will be introduced. Up until then those of you who wish to leave will receive free disbands effective only on the Chaos server! (minus the free upkeep added). Any traders on deed will be removed and you will receive 20 silver as a reimbursement.

The major changes will be to remove all penalties for attacking eachother and give battle ranks and affinities for slaying premium accounts, as well as removing the requirement to declare war before raiding.

Right now Chaos is sort of between pvp rules. Which makes some people happy, and others angry. Since I don’t actually play there nor have I ever participated in pvp in Wurm Online, my personal opinions are pretty one sided. On one hand, I think allowing premium players to obtain multiple affinity is a nice idea, but I worry about how it will impact the other Freedom islands, seems like it’s an extra ‘bonus’ for those pvp orientated. Which is also not necessarily a bad thing, after all, there’s risk involved. If you’re fighting a creature on Freedom chances are you can walk back and get your corpse. Not always the case on a pvp enabled server. It may also bring about more players, the Chaos server has been quiet (from what I’ve heard). Of course with more players comes more destruction and grief, which is almost always encouraged in a pvp setting.

I’ll be interested to see how it works out in any case.

I’ve been working up my weapon smithing. It’s slow. Really slow. I mean so incredibly slow that I’m still only at 15 skill so far making level 30 weapons. Pictured above is my proud weapon rack where I’m keeping all of the items in between imping. It gives me time to work on my other characters, my mag priest is slowly coming along as are the Fo priest and Vynora. The Vynora has managed to start landing some pretty nice casts of circle of cunning. The Fo priest has been busy taking care of the fields, I’m almost at 40 farming, which makes me very happy.

I hope everyone had an incredible weekend, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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