Some really nice changes hit live servers yesterday, including a new model for stone walls – with fancy new looking doors and windows, and a boarder along the roof. Not only that but indoor walls were added! Yes, finally, if you want to lock your little brother in his bedroom, you can.

Not that I would do that.


With indoor walls comes all sorts of options for players. You could create a house maze, with various locked and unlocked doors. You could create an inn and give room owners / renters their own keys. Maybe set up Wurms very first trailer park. The ideas are endless – or at least there are a lot of them.

I haven’t dabbled with them much, but I did have Yetian build me one in my stables, separating a bedroom area from the rest of the barn. It worked out nicely, now I just need to get some locks on the doors. I always forget locks. Yetian has also set up another merchant stall for me, so I need to start trying to raise the funds to get another merchant set up. I think two will be nice, one for the west coast and one in the center of the map at the Deliverance Market Place. Now to work on filling them both up with goods to sell. Each merchant can sell 50 items at a time, which makes for a nice amount of items. When I remember to refill the merchant, at least.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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