Some how I managed to convince Yetian to create an indoor wall for me – a note, in order to create indoor walls the creator must own the writ to the building. Since I’m a priest and I can’t technically build walls I passed the writ off to Yetian and he completed it for me. Indoor walls require the same amount of material as regular walls, and you also need 30+ carpentry in order to create them. Yes, that does mean you’ll need to be premium or find someone to help you out who is.

It didn’t take long, and now the bedroom area of the stables are complete. This wooden house has been converted from Arysh’ old cottage into a stable, and I’ve built a new stone house down below along the slope.

Not far from where I live at Thorin’s Bay there seems to be some sort of weird mini turf war going on between players. There’s a highway that runs from the south up to Green Dog, and smack dab in the middle of that highway is the old partial ruins of Silverton. While the area is no longer deeded, there are two groups of players fighting over it. Both creating a mess of the area. It makes me sad to see this, especially because creating buildings that block a highway goes against the game rules. I’m hoping that things calm down but deep down inside I’m sure they’ll come to a boil first in some sort of epic battle and the land will be completely ruined as a result.

Remember, players. Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. It’s always much better to be the mature one and move on to a different location if you’re having issues with the locals. Wurm Online is a huge place, and there are many different servers with lots of room. There’s bound to be something around that suits your tastes without having to get confrontational about it.

2 thoughts on “Just Because you CAN, Doesn’t Mean you SHOULD #WurmOnline”
  1. I live pretty near to Silverton… if anyone moves a corpse around there (even off-deed) then you get KOS’d… it sucks!

    One of the reasons why I gave up being a mayor was because of turf wars… usually there was at least one a week and it sucked. I once remember being on holiday in Austria and having to try and clam down villagers from a hacked WiFi with an iPod after somebody deeded over our offdeed farms; the situation was bad x)

  2. I’m am now the official Darkpaw bay Handyman. ;) Bed delivery tonight.

    It’s a shame to hear about the road war near your new deed just close your gates and let them annoy each other until it’s finished. Then I’m sure me and Mou can come down and fix it up. ;)

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