In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard, May 1st starts off the Newbie Blogger Initiative, organized and created by Syp – and while I don’t personally have the time to dedicate as much effort to it as I would like – I DO want to promote those who are taking part, and make sure word gets out. To quote Scopique:

(Newbie Blogger Initiative is:) a community-based and community-oriented push to support gamers who have maybe been on the fence about putting their thoughts on the hobby into regularly scheduled prose (or haiku…there’s a distinct lack of gaming haiku).

I HIGHLY suggest you check out everyone who is writing about it (my entire RSS is filled with the streams today) and head over to the NBI QH (first link on this post) in order to find out more and have some great discussions.

My deepest apologies for not taking a bigger role in this, but with starting PR for Wurm Online (among other things) I need at least an extra two hours in my day just to try to accomplish what is already on my plate.

NBI Sponsor Blogs: Games and GeekeryThe Wild Boar InnMMO FalloutTastes Like Battle ChickenGrimnir’s GrudgeRoll One HundredDragonchasersArdwulf’s LairInventory Full,Jaded AltArk’s ArkTremayne’s LawBlog de la BurroJust One MMOreDocHoliday’s MMO SaloonHigh Latency LifeMMO Gamer ChickSkycandyNomnom.infoHunter’s InsightLife is a Mind Bending PuzzleBerath’s Brain BurpsEpic SlantBullet PointsProfessor Beej,Journeys with JayeScreaming MonkeysWelcome to SpinksvilleVicarious ExistenceCasual is as Casual DoesStar ShadowI Have Touched The SkyThe Ancient Gaming Noob, Just One More UnlockA Ding WorldYeebo Fernbottom’s MMO Love InStropp’s WorldKill Ten RatsThe Jedi GambitBeau HindmanBlue KaeGankaliciousLive Like a NerdCasual Stroll to MordorTish Tosh TeshCasting a ShaddoeA Green MushroomALT:ernativeParallel ContextETCmmoAvatars of SteelTales of the AggronautWest KaranaContains Moderate PerilThe Stories of OLevelcappedLOTRO FashionMr. Meh’s SupplicationMalchome’s Mind/RestokinNerdy BookahsT.R. Red Skies,

2 thoughts on “Did Someone Say Newbie Blogging Initiative? #NBI”
  1. Just a quick apology for borrowing your NBI Sponsor Blogs link list for my own NBI post without asking you first. I have credited you of course! I was hoping one of these was going to appear in the forums so I left it until the last minute and then didn’t have time to do one myself when it didn’t. I’d just published my post and was going through my blog reader and when I came to yours I saw you’d done all the hard work so I quickly snatched a copy and dropped it onto the end of mine.

    Under the circumstances I thought you probably wouldn’t mind! I promise I’m not in the habit of borrowing others’ work without asking.

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