Moumix has taken to selling boats, and it seems like a lot of fun. I don’t have the desire to create these at all, but I am more than willing to help out where I can. He has sold two so far, and I’ve been creating the locks and anchor for each ship. He creates those anchors into mooring ropes so the new customer doesn’t have to worry about their ship being stolen while it’s parked. I’ve been spending most of my time at Thorin’s Bay and it’s really easy to tell why.

The deed is gigantic. It’s 41×41 with 10 tiles of perimeter. That puts upkeep almost at 4s a month (a little less). It’s nestled against the side of a mountain, with tall walls and palisade gates on three sides, blocking out unwanted visitors and intruders. The fourth side faces the water, and is all on-deed. After the water and some docks is a row of iron fence with a few gates, which prevents anyone from accessing the deed at all. It’s the only one of my deeds like this, and I have to admit, it’s nice. With 10 tiles of perimeter, I have room to expand (if I ever wanted to) and I have no worries of anyone settling right on my back step.

The deed itself is beautiful. The ‘for sale’ images really didn’t do it justice at all. I plan on making a video of it once I get myself fully situated, just to show it off. There’s an enormous tree farm on deed, that is to say there’s basically a large portion of the deed dedicated to trees and my Vynora priest couldn’t be happier. There are also over 30 pens for animals, including two larger ones for cattle. All of these pens are filled with enchanted grass, which makes my job a LOT easier. I’ve begun breeding the few horses that were left behind (as well as the cattle) since they were quite old and may have died off before I got any young.

Surprisingly enough there are only two houses on-deed, but they are gigantic and more than enough. One is an 8×5 stone structure with floor boards throughout that I’m converting into a living space for myself and Moumix, the second is a work shop type area, complete with two 61 QL forges, a 60 QL oven, and a 61 QL Vynora altar. There are BSB everywhere, most of them came with the deed. Packed full of random bits and pieces, I will be well supplied for a long time hence.

While Moumix is handling the ship-building portion of things, I’ve been taking care of tools and weapons on Stargrace. My Vynora priest has been doing meals and farming (41 HFC so far) and were it not for the fact that I have such fantastic neighbours over at Darkpaw Bay I’d probably be tempted to give the property up because I can do absolutely everything over at Thorin’s with room to spare. By far one of my best purchases, with easy access to both Exodus and Chaos, I’m looking forward to staying there for a long, long time. Until something else catches my eye, of course.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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