While most people would rather huddle inside as snow blankets the lands of wurm, keeping warm by their forges (or, ovens) I embrace the chilly air, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s winter in Wurm Online. With seasons now running on a timer that does not match ‘most’ RL seasons, you can expect winter approx. 8 times a year. The lands look amazing, and I have a clear view of all the evil creatures that are going to be chasing me down.

I’ve been working on Thorin’s Bay (no surprise). Since there were so many pens (especially the ones pictured above) I’ve decided to remove a few, and place 2×2 guest houses along the front of the property instead, with a horse pen between each house. This will make 4 pens and 3 houses, perfect for visitors. It does mean bashing down a lot of low stone walls and gates which is a lengthy process, as well as creating a lot of bricks and mortar. The over all look of the area should be much improved once it’s all completed (and of course I’ll post screen shots). Each house needs 160 bricks / mortar, with three houses to craft that will take a bit of time. Thankfully, my alts are making the bulk supplies, while my ‘crafter’ is building the actual homes.

In between working on the houses some interesting changes came to Wurm, one of which I took advantage of right away. It involves sermons. In the past players would have to follow the same deity in order to conduct a sermon. While this idea was great for priests of popular deity like Vynora, there were some that were slightly left out in the cold, like Magranon. Sermons are used for increase faith gain (and prayer resets if you have enough players participating). Now players can participate from any deity, as long as they are premium. Between myself and Moumix we have 7 characters, and I’ve also invited Arkenor and Yetian to come by and hold a sermon or two if they’re interested. There’s no requirement of course, but the more listeners you have the better. So far the gains are about .120 every 3 hours & that includes a prayer reset. It means my Fo priest may be able to get her Genesis spell before too long, and my Vynora is almost 70 faith, which I’m pretty excited about.

What does everyone else think of the changes? Excited about bison? Have you seen one yet (I haven’t seen any on deliverance at all). Let me know in comments! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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