Compare the screen shot above with the one from yesterday and you can pretty much guess what I’ve been up to. I converted three of the 2×2 animal pens into houses for alts and storage, leaving pens between each house for animals (and double doors for carts to have easy access).

I really like the over all look of the dock area with these new changes, it makes things look a little more ‘lived in’ and since the deed only had two houses to begin with it gives me a bit more room. The center storage area I’m planning to use for ‘liquids’. I know, that sounds pretty odd, but I don’t actually have a place to store barrels where I won’t just trip over them. I’d like a location where I can store olive oil, maple syrup, milk, juice, and lye. For now the barrels line a wall in the main crafting building, but it doesn’t really fit the area.

Thanks to those changes in sermons, my Vynora priest managed to reach 70 faith yesterday. The Fo priest is almost at 69, which means before too long I’ll be able to attempt some genesis casts and remove bad traits from animals. I’m incredibly excited about this (which is why I keep talking about it). I do still want to take a trip to Chaos but it seems like there’s always ‘something’ to be done on my deeds. Isn’t that always the case?

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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