Ah, sermons. Now that they’re not religion specific, it’s very easy for players to gain faith. My goal was to reach 70 on both the vynora and fo priests I have and thanks to Moumix, Arkenor, Yetian, and Hord, I was able to reach that this weekend. While 70 is not that important for the vynora (no new spells, but I did get a new title) for the fo priest, it’s exciting times.

It means that I can now cast genesis on my animals, and remove bad traits. This is incredibly valuable to me since I’ve got a handful of midnight coloured horses that have misshapen legs and could do with a cure so that this trait is stopped once and for all with future breeding.

The spell has a 30 minute timer, so I’m not instantly curing animals all over the place, but given enough time I’ll have taken care of the 30 horses or so that I have. Of course not ALL of those have negative traits, only a small handful, but I’m still really excited. It also means that I can link up with Moumix and his fo priest in order to cast Life Transfer, one of the really nice weapon enchants that will take life from your enemies while you attack and heal you. I absolutely love this spell, whether or not I can cast it successfully however, is another story.

Now it’s time to take a break from the sermons and get back to working on my skills. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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