Some how, when you cross over to a new server, it just doesn’t ‘feel’ like home any more. That was the case when I crossed over into Chaos, at least (formally known as Wild). Chaos is a pvp server, but there are some restrictions on it, it’s not like the Epic servers. The first thing I noticed was that there are a LOT more creatures on Chaos. A lot fewer players. MASSIVE hills. Deliverance is relatively ‘flat’ when compared to some of the older servers. There’s a few ‘hills’ but I can climb every one of them without needing any wine to replenish my stamina. There are mountains on both Independence and Chaos that I doubt very much I’d be able to climb so easily.

I love exploring these ‘new’ places. There’s so much to see. I was ambushed by slow spiders which I have never seen before, they are PURPLE! Or at least a shade of blue. There were trolls EVERYWHERE, I mean I’ve never seen so many trolls before! Bears, goblins, unicorns, dogs, deer, I even managed to grab a wild horse that was floating on an island, and lead it behind my boat.

While the population is a tad low compared to other servers there are plenty of old deeds to explore and of course since it’s a pvp server you have to be careful. The whole reason I’m over there aside from visiting and exploring was to enchant a few mailboxes. So far my casts have hovered in the 70-73 range, but I know I can do better if Fo would just smile on me for a minute or two. Multiple casts later and I haven’t gotten a better cast, we’ll see how it goes today.

There have been a lot of other adventures in Wurm Online these days, too. Did you know reeds are in game? Have you tried cutting grass yet? I have a penned up wild boar over at Darkpaw that I’m eager to go visit, I can’t charm or tame the creature at all but since it’s one of Fo’s creatures that only spawn in his domain I thought it would be neat to try to keep one as a pet.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

2 thoughts on “Adventures In Chaos #WurmOnline”
  1. @ Hordern
    Venerable pheasant?? If you have some bodies feel free to PM Sincor|Axeblade (me) or Doombicuits (Town Mayor) via IRC as we need some for a game on we Play on Deli.

    @ Stargrace
    Boars are nice looking animals , Never tried to pen one but now I’ll start trying. It should make a nice addition to my Zoo on Deli. (/me goes and looks for an anaconda (VYN for the WIN) to pen up next to it)

  2. I don’t know how you managed as you were agog at the time at seeing them, but you forgot to add some things to your list of animals:

    Wild cattle
    Venerable pheasant
    Scorpions. LOTS of scorpions… Damn scorpions…

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